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Conversation Between Brithorse1996 and themoshi27
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  1. themoshi27
    06-26-2010 03:44 PM - permalink
    Yea here is is like 90f oooo florida
  2. Brithorse1996
    06-26-2010 01:33 PM - permalink
    i've got my lesson tommorow and lucky me england decides to be hot for a change and where i am it's going to be 30+ degrees
  3. themoshi27
    06-26-2010 08:14 AM - permalink
    He he thanks
    yes i do take lessons i am leaving to it in a few
  4. Brithorse1996
    06-26-2010 05:56 AM - permalink
    congratulations lol

    how long have you been riding and do u take riding lessons then?
  5. themoshi27
    06-25-2010 06:46 PM - permalink
    Yes I do! I own 2 paint horses a gelding and mar...but the bad part is that they live in another country but in July i will go vist them and my grandparents..for a month
    I just made my 1st thread!!
  6. Brithorse1996
    06-25-2010 06:14 PM - permalink
    do you own any horses of your own?
  7. themoshi27
    06-25-2010 06:12 PM - permalink
    i havent made any not yet
  8. Brithorse1996
    06-25-2010 06:09 PM - permalink
    yeah quite a few, well about 3 but anyway

    how many have you made?
  9. themoshi27
    06-25-2010 05:07 PM - permalink
    Thanks that hepled alot!!! have you made any threads?
  10. Brithorse1996
    06-25-2010 01:36 PM - permalink
    Well go on a section like the horse riding section and Not at the top of the page but near the top of where all the other threads are there should be something like 'Threads on Forum' and then whatever forum it is and just above that should be a small 'New Thread' buton
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