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My Horsies
The 3 adults where rescues. The big mare, Pokey is a registered QHorse. The stud, Beau, and the ancient mare, Old Girl, I have no idea what breed they are. The last 2 are the parents of Surprise, who is now 1 year old. I had no idea Old Girl was pregnant when I got her. I thought she was to old. Hence the name Surprise!
Lucky lady is the 10 month old Walker filly.
Surprise7 [800x600]
Surprise6 [800x600]
Surprise5 [800x600]
Surprise4 [800x600]
Surprise3 [800x600]
Surprise2 [800x600]
Surprise1 [800x600]
Surprise [800x600]
Pokey2 [800x600]
Pokey1 [800x600]
Pokey [800x600]
Old Girl [800x600]
Lucky Lady2 [800x600]
Lucky Lady1 [800x600]
Lucky Lady [800x600]
Beau4 [800x600]
Beau3 [800x600]
Beau2 [800x600]
Beau1 [800x600]
Beau [800x600]
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