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  1. inaclick
    07-26-2010 01:04 PM - permalink
    Hello Krissy

    I can recommend you some nice horse riding locations if you ever come to Romania, and also some sightseeing.
    As for clicker training, my username has nothing to do with it sorry :)
    I'm only occasionally taking lessons when I can afford it and volunteer at a local horse shelter.

    However, Ellen Ofstad from Sweden uses clicker training with excellent results.
    Check her out on Google and Youtube :)
  2. krissy3
    07-26-2010 12:07 PM - permalink
    Hi inaclick,I just read that you live in Romania, I have always wanted to visit Romania, and maybe someday I will, as Switzerland is not too far away. I am wondering if you are training your horses with "clicker training" ? I am interested in trying it , but dont really know the fundamentals of how and why it works. I have a paint horse that is a bit too forward, in our in hand classes. He was a show horse programed to do his job, I would like to slow him down, or at least to follow my lead. Maybe clicker training would work for that , i dont know. Anyway I think because we live in Europe we might be a little more tolorant of different cultures , and beliefs than your adverage mid american . I agree that everyone has a right to their oppinion, but when a person collects followers that are not thinking for themselves there might be a problem.

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