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Conversation Between A knack for horses and trailqueen
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  1. trailqueen
    09-25-2010 01:49 AM - permalink
    Well I found out how many posts you had to have to get to the chat room. 25. Now if I could just figure out how to get there. lol.
  2. A knack for horses
    09-19-2010 08:19 PM - permalink
    A knack for horses
    Welcome to the horse forum! To answer your question, i'm not sure. I think you need to make 50 posts before it is open. Your best bet is to make a few posts, and then check the chat every so often. The chat has been available to me for quite a while, so it shouldn't be that many.
  3. trailqueen
    09-18-2010 01:15 AM - permalink
    Hi, I'm knew to this stuff and had a question that I couldn't find an answer to. You were first on the list so here goes. how many posts do you have to do to get on the horse chat site. It keeps telling me I don't have enough posts. Help please. Trailqueen.
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