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  1. westernpleasuregal
    09-20-2010 11:42 PM - permalink
    that sounds like my gelding, he hates just standing in the fall! i hear California is warm, ive never been myself! it was 97 here about a week ago and then all the sudden it dropped to 60 and started raining! its freaky!
  2. Icrazyaboutu
    09-20-2010 07:31 PM - permalink
    Haha it raining where you are!? Its in the 90's here! And its fall now! Dozer has had a lot of energy lately too! I have no idea why but last fall and this fall he has always been really bad about standing or atleast keeping all four feet on the ground for feeding time in the morning! His head gets so close to hitting his shealter roof everytime!
  3. westernpleasuregal
    09-19-2010 11:52 PM - permalink
    hi,how are you? its been crazy latelly! calves are goin to sale in about 2 weeks so trying to get them to gain as much weight as possible! horses dont like the rain and are starting to run from 1 end of the pasture to the other several times a day! (They are very high spirited!)
  4. westernpleasuregal
    07-11-2010 12:28 PM - permalink
    RE:nothing much,trying to round up all the calves.hahah!
  5. Icrazyaboutu
    07-11-2010 10:23 AM - permalink
    Hey! Whats up?
  6. westernpleasuregal
    07-02-2010 02:16 PM - permalink

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