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Conversation Between themoshi27 and Brithorse1996
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  1. themoshi27
    06-30-2010 08:22 PM - permalink
    yea now i hav about 800 dollars!!
  2. Brithorse1996
    06-29-2010 03:51 PM - permalink
    save up pocket money?
  3. themoshi27
    06-28-2010 05:35 PM - permalink
    o kool i started to save up for a horse since like i was 8 i am 12 now
  4. Brithorse1996
    06-28-2010 04:31 PM - permalink
    No but since im legally old enough to get a job now (14 woop woop) i am trying to find one around horses. Don't know where to start, so i can save up to get my own horse :)
  5. themoshi27
    06-27-2010 08:50 PM - permalink
    themoshi27 u hav A horse??
  6. Brithorse1996
    06-27-2010 04:44 PM - permalink
    yeah because i have 1 hour lesson that sometimes gets merged with the half hour lessons i ride a pony that loves to detour towards the gate after the half hour riders, so after that i had a private lesson with her and she started basically whipping my pony to get it to listen and then afterwards i managed to get a great trot going, she came near my pony and he bolted away from her.
  7. themoshi27
    06-27-2010 02:23 PM - permalink
    o wow well i dont like it wen ppl scream at me i cant concentrate.,...
  8. Brithorse1996
    06-27-2010 12:52 PM - permalink
    it depends on the weather mostly.
    For instance today it was boiling so we went on a hack because i doubt going round in circles in this weather is good for anyone especially since were not used to it.
    But when we do have lessons it varies, sometimes on the instuctor and who's in the group. Like a couple of weeks ago i had an instructor who spent half the lesson shouting down my ear
  9. themoshi27
    06-26-2010 06:27 PM - permalink
    well i warm up by posting on trot and 2 point and sitting trot then i canter make circles and everything and then i go and do my jumps and after i wash off my horse that i rode....yea u?
  10. Brithorse1996
    06-26-2010 04:10 PM - permalink
    yeah last week it was like 5 degrees here =P

    what do you normally do in your lessons?
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