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  1. corinowalk
    09-04-2010 10:16 AM - permalink
    Hi there!
    To get her to move away, step behind her shoulder, still in the middle of your lunging circle and drive her forward...clicking, kissing. When lunging in the wide open, sometimes its best to have a long lunge whip. It takes them a while to really get this concept so dont lose patience! Good luck!
  2. disposablecamera
    09-04-2010 01:53 AM - permalink
    Hey corinowalk! I've been reading your posts about Rosie and am really looking for an experienced trainers help with my horse!
    I've been trying to lunge Nala and the first time she actually did really well! I pretty much followed what i saw you doing on your video in your thread about Rosie and clicked her to trot then made a different noise to get her into a canter and i was really surprised because i had been trying desperately to lunge her but could never manage to get her to do it so i know i had to be doing something wrong ):
    Well anyway at first she did really great then i 'woah'-ed her to stop and tried starting her into a trot again but this time she just turned her hind to me, started pawing at the ground with her front hoof and kicking her back leg out occasionally. I tried a stern voice and saying 'No Nala bad girl' but shes been doing it ever since and i was wondering if u have any tricks of the trade to help me out?
    Thanks so much!
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