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Conversation Between JackofDiamonds and PintoTess
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  1. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:13 AM - permalink
    naw, your not missing out on much at all though. Its a waiting game :/ i dont have patience. Ouchies that ought to be fun! oooh what sorta phone?
  2. PintoTess
    05-18-2011 08:10 AM - permalink
    I wish I was up there with you :( It feels like I am missing out on so much! I g2g, I gotta go and sleep cos of school and then Im getting picked up early cos I have to go and get my braces tightened and im getting a new phone as well.

    Godnight xoxoxoox
  3. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:08 AM - permalink
    His a bit cheeky! Yeah if i dont have one buy then, im going with mum, myself and the lady that owns Visa.
  4. PintoTess
    05-18-2011 07:59 AM - permalink
    I wanna come to Ausction with the stars! Sydney is only like an hour and a half from my house.
  5. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 07:56 AM - permalink
    Meet Visa, the welshie im training

  6. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 07:55 AM - permalink
    Oh god dont go copabella visage! He to is like inbred and nutty! but oh so pretty ;) If Giverney doesnt happen its ok, ive got a veiwing at tor vanderbelts place this weekend and.. wait for it......Auction of the stars is in sydney June 25th-26 (i preferably want one by then but, if im going wanna come?)
  7. PintoTess
    05-18-2011 07:50 AM - permalink
    Yeah too young. I don't like the way SOS is built but hsi colour, (lol, im a nut) Thats what I like about him. I also like Copabella visage. I hope you get your horse!
  8. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 07:47 AM - permalink
    His not what im after though, plus his too young. I like him over SOS. There is omething i just dont like about him. Giverney is on a 2 week trial so lets hope he bucks them off or something ;)
  9. PintoTess
    05-18-2011 07:38 AM - permalink
    BUY THE PINTO!! SOS is amazing!! My future sire for me new
    ER painted by angels
    lol I have such big dreams for my little sport horse type pony lol.
    })i({ Butterfly
  10. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 12:42 AM - permalink
    Oh and i want a gelding preferably, if its a mare it must be amazing. It can be interstate too.

    I saw this boy an thought of you, his a reg Warmblood by SOS who was imported from germany in 04.
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