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Conversation Between netty83 and rbarlo32
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  1. rbarlo32
    04-17-2011 12:52 PM - permalink
    have you got facebook
  2. netty83
    04-12-2011 11:03 AM - permalink
    wow he's learning early! she is out in the field at the moment we have had her in the stable for a while expecting her to foal but we decided with the weather being so nice she can go out and stay out overnight. Every morning i expect to arrive and a cute little foal will be there but every morning i am dissappointed. she isn't producing milk yet so maybe a little while longer. How long did your mare bag up for before she had the handsome boy?
  3. rbarlo32
    04-12-2011 01:08 AM - permalink
    Hows bess doing bet she will go any day now prince was really naughty yesterday and jamp over the fence I think he is going to make a show jumper when he is all grown up
  4. netty83
    04-03-2011 02:22 PM - permalink
    wow can't wait to see pics. Bess looked abit more fuller today and her back end is a little softer so hopefully not long for me to wait either. Have you named filly?
  5. rbarlo32
    04-03-2011 06:11 AM - permalink
    Molly foaled this morning a very big filly foal.
  6. netty83
    04-02-2011 03:46 PM - permalink
    She doing good thanks. Not long now, she has been bagged up for two weeks so just waiting for the foal to make an appearance. She hasn't waxed up or dripping milk so not quite there yet i don't think. Wish I knew when her due date was. How about news your end?
  7. rbarlo32
    04-01-2011 02:40 PM - permalink
    Hello How is your mare doing bet she is cloose now
  8. netty83
    02-06-2011 01:49 PM - permalink
    Hi, How's your mare doing I bet she is getting major porky now?
  9. netty83
    01-15-2011 12:29 PM - permalink
    Hi there

    How is your mare doing? Pretty rough weather at the moment howling wind and rain here so my mare is in. Just thought I'd ask... are you feeding your mare any special food right now? My mare is on mare and youngstock but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be giving her anything else?
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