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Conversation Between Snookeys and Riding21Years
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  1. Riding21Years
    10-02-2010 01:01 AM - permalink
    Thank you so much!!
  2. Snookeys
    10-02-2010 12:48 AM - permalink
    Well that's cool! I'll make sure to sell horses through those sites then ;]
  3. Riding21Years
    10-02-2010 12:21 AM - permalink
    Yup! I found my lesson horse, Titan on dreamhorse, ever since have worked for it and equinenow. I'll get some pictures of Titan up soon. The more sales from the websites mean the more money in my paycheck xD
  4. Snookeys
    10-02-2010 12:17 AM - permalink
    Oh yup. I know both of those. Haha!
  5. Riding21Years
    10-02-2010 12:16 AM - permalink
    I work for and
    Both popular websites :)
  6. Snookeys
    10-02-2010 12:15 AM - permalink
    Well that's cool! Which site is it? Would it be one I'm familiar with, perhaps?
  7. Riding21Years
    10-02-2010 12:11 AM - permalink
    It means that I update, control, and enhance the website. I also go around flagging people's post if I see an underweight horse. My friend owns a rescue, so usually I send her the link, she takes the horse and pays me for it. It doesn't seem like much, but I sure as hell make a living off it between spring and summer foals, lessons, and board :)
  8. Snookeys
    10-02-2010 12:08 AM - permalink
    I saw that your 'about me' said you are in an online horse sales business. What does that entail?
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