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  1. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 03:57 AM - permalink
    I'm usualy a very stubborn person ... [ My Zodiac symbol is Aries too ... not as if i'd really believe in astrology , especially the ones in newspapers and at TV ( example: Aries ... "Today you are going to get married "...and other things like this .. LOL) ... but ... my personality is quite like that ... if somebody says to me "do that , do this" .... I have the tendency to say NO if they don't tell it in a good manner ] Lol .. i've just looked how to translate my zodiac symbol in English and discovered that this is actually the first symbol in the Zodiac ... didn't know that O.o
  2. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 03:50 AM - permalink
    Yea ... I have read about that.. the respect is essential , I understand that . BUT ... there is a really big BUT here .... I have no ideea how to earn their respect as a leader (and of course ... i would never find violence as a solution of respect ... ) Can you educate me in this matter ? I haven't really found anything concrete about how to do it on the internet ... and even if I would have found it would probably be very innacurate ... ( It is usually said on the internet that it's different from horse to horse .... but there must be somewhat of a list of "basic rules" that I simply MUST know and they don't tell ANYTHING ABOUT IT ! )

    Don't worry about the calm part .... "i'm a stone that doesn't get easily moved" on this matter. The only ones that can really piss me off are people.
  3. Revengeance
    12-27-2011 03:16 AM - permalink
    Then ... I approached slowly to hug him and ... to my surprise he licked me afterwards with his big tongue lol ... I'm sure I was full of saliva on my face in that dream but it didn't bother me at all , I kinda liked the warmth of his saliva , as weird as it may seem .. LOL ... and the hug felt SO Real and Warm too .... After that lick I opened my eyes and still felt that warmth as in my dream for about 1-2 seconds , isn't it odd and intriguing ?

    I had this dream before I've met you. I actually have forgotten about it but what you've told "kiss a horse nose! I am completely serious!! it works every time!!!!!!" reminded me of that dream. What do you think about it ? ... doesn't it look a bit as if it's something from the future ?

    O.o rlly , thank you for reminding me of that dream , LoL !! Oh ... and .. how do you suppose i'll be able to try your cure without a horse ?
  4. Revengeance
    12-27-2011 02:57 AM - permalink
    Please don't feel sorry for not being able to talk to me yesterday ... I understand you had things to do . It's really no big deal , I didn't mind it ... was just very curious about the story that you've now told me.

    About the dreams ... i don't usually dream or don't remember the dreams I have . But there was once a dream I had , some months ago , I was on a very American-looking avenue with few and small houses around and I think , there was someone either on my side of the road or on the other side ... (don't remember it very well ... you know how dreams are ... when they are cool they vanish in 3 seconds there was a horse on the other side too ... i think it was her or his horse .. dunno .. but I remember that I was kinda sad in that dream and I was staying on the border of the road facing in the opposite direction where the horse was ... he came besides me and sat very close to me.
  5. Revengeance
    12-27-2011 01:38 AM - permalink
    And the winner is ....... Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing!
    YES , you were the strongest sign that has ever been shown to me .. what better sign could I have wished for ? A really good friend that understands me ... If you haven't noticed by now ... one of my lifetime wishes is now to visit you one day , sooner or later ( hopefully sooner xD ) . And yes , I can say you are actually my hero. I don't have heroes through the celebrities or things like this , I have no wish to see Eiffel Tower or the Piramids ... i'd rather go and meet true people and their horses .

    Btw ... was thinking ... just saying this won't bring me tickets from the sky ... how much do you think a ticket from Romania to your place would cost ? O.o
    There isn't probably a direct connection to your place .. I am thinking it's probably something like Bucharest - New York - Gettysburg
  6. Revengeance
    12-27-2011 01:34 AM - permalink
    Ooooohh ... now I understand where your strong belief in destiny comes from ... this finding couldn't have been more signifiant than this .. If i come to think about it more ... i've had signs too ... but smaller and more subtile maybe that they weren't even noticeable ...Yet , recently i have had a very strong sign ...

    Hmmm .. it wasn't very clear for me but ... I guess that you brought Beau and Epona in your life after you have found that horse shoe ... right ?
  7. Revengeance
    12-27-2011 01:25 AM - permalink
    Uh , i've just gotten up and eaten a fast sandwich . It's really nice to know that you're all ok there and that Beau is getting better . And wow ... I bet it's a great feeling to know that Beau was so relaxed that he fell asleep in your hands ... if that doesn't show that he trusts you totally , I don't know what would. (Letting a possible predator so close to him and getting asleep in his hands , best trust) The enormous love you give him will help him more than any idea anyone might have on that matter , i'm sure of it.
  8. Revengeance
    12-26-2011 04:19 PM - permalink
    Looks like I won't be seeing your reply today ... hope it's all ok with Beau ... Ill try to enter tommorow morning maybe I'll find you on.
  9. Revengeance
    12-26-2011 04:24 AM - permalink
    'We should not let the gloomy and depressing world we live in get to us....'

    Indeed . It's hard but ... the fact that I like how Earth is ( the sky , the sun , the sunsets , the fresh air in the morning , the fresh air in the mountainous places <--- I absolutely love this and the fact that there are fewer people there , the trees , the grass ... etc ) makes it all mysterious , mystical ... IMO , maybe i'm wrong ... I believe there was a time when people were other way than these days ... maybe very long time ago ... when they were fewer in numbers .. but now the planet is overwhelming with humans .. and again IMO only a few really deserve to live.
  10. Revengeance
    12-26-2011 01:40 AM - permalink
    Btw ... that movie is a bit sad BUT I think you will find the turining of events really exciting and as you'd want them to be ... and the end of it is awesome and leaves you with a good night of sweet dreams. I highly recommend watching it before you go to sleep.

    And no .... what you have sent ... I don't think they are silly. I'd rather say they were well chosen.

    Umm ... and .. I don't want to seem rude or anything but ... you told me you have found something one day in your backyard and I was really curious to know the story about that too If you have time tommorow to tell me that. ( Hmm ... actually today for me :) ... **** these timelines ... why isn't the world plain as religion said in the past .. LOL ... and the Sun spinning arround Terra ... ROFL )
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