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  1. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 08:03 AM - permalink
    I know , I know ... the drawing is horrible ... looks very ******ed ... it's really hard to do it with the mouse lol ...
    But ... you get the main point of it ...

  2. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 07:47 AM - permalink
    OMG ... after I looked on this "I like hearing about what you's fascinating."

    This remembered me about a dream that I had even further in the past from the "horse hug" one ... WTH ... now i'm really confused LOL ....

    Just wait to hear it ...
    I was on a big high way (bigger than in that lame drawing) ... that had palm trees in the middle part of it that separates the driving directions ( I was standing on the same left side but looking at the right side this time ). I then heard something as if a big plane was very close , I looked in the sky and saw the plane. It was looking as if it was landing from the left to the right somewhere near .... Then in my dream I went after it on a small road , i've then found something that looked as a park but on a higher ground ... very weird , went there and then went back on the road and seen the airport .. after that I think I woke up.
  3. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 07:17 AM - permalink
    Witches .. well .. If you're reffering to those that make a "magical potion" from a toads leg and eyes of a lizard or that say a "magical word" to do magic... well .. that's pretty fake looking to me , I believe that this kind of witches are just faking it for different reasons ... or just believe in things that aren't really possible through what they are doing. Though .. I believe magic does exist but not in this form .. you probably know that we use a very small percentage of our brain. I believe that if we would be able to know more about the brain and how it functions we would be able to do magical things like moving objects with our mind and things like this ... maybe even controll elements of nature .. lol . Yea .... I play video games in my spare time and I usually pick the magic character .. lol.
  4. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 06:51 AM - permalink
    Well ... hmm ... ghosts ...

    From what i've seen , people understand through ghosts dead peoples souls that usually still seek something in this world ... It seems plausible to me , but at the same time it seems plausible to me that the ghosts are reflections of another worlds creatures ... the fact that there might be a // world to ours .. or even more .. seems possible. But ... as I haven't really seen or felt a phenomenon like this ... I can't say I can choose a camp from these two .. I'd rather stay neutral to this .. lol.

    Hmm ... about demons ... you didn't specify but I think you're reffering to the ones that are supposed to control people's minds. Let's say I would believe in it ... what would be the purpose of the demon ? I woudn't really get it why a powerfull creature like that would want to posses a weak human , IMO they wouldn't have real reasons to posses humans even if they would exist ... and a creature just doing it for pure evil doesn't really match to me.
  5. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 04:57 AM - permalink
    I'm usualy a very stubborn person ... [ My Zodiac symbol is Aries too ... not as if i'd really believe in astrology , especially the ones in newspapers and at TV ( example: Aries ... "Today you are going to get married "...and other things like this .. LOL) ... but ... my personality is quite like that ... if somebody says to me "do that , do this" .... I have the tendency to say NO if they don't tell it in a good manner ] Lol .. i've just looked how to translate my zodiac symbol in English and discovered that this is actually the first symbol in the Zodiac ... didn't know that O.o
  6. Revengeance
    12-28-2011 04:50 AM - permalink
    Yea ... I have read about that.. the respect is essential , I understand that . BUT ... there is a really big BUT here .... I have no ideea how to earn their respect as a leader (and of course ... i would never find violence as a solution of respect ... ) Can you educate me in this matter ? I haven't really found anything concrete about how to do it on the internet ... and even if I would have found it would probably be very innacurate ... ( It is usually said on the internet that it's different from horse to horse .... but there must be somewhat of a list of "basic rules" that I simply MUST know and they don't tell ANYTHING ABOUT IT ! )

    Don't worry about the calm part .... "i'm a stone that doesn't get easily moved" on this matter. The only ones that can really piss me off are people.
  7. Beauseant
    12-28-2011 12:29 AM - permalink
    Good night, and i'll be on in the time. I like talking with you when you are awake rather than typing to you while you are asleep.... though I do hope you have an interesting or wonderful dream so that you can tell me all about it!!!! I like hearing about what you's fascinating.
  8. Beauseant
    12-28-2011 12:24 AM - permalink
    Tomorrow I will certainly be able to talk to you...I have a delivery of hay for the horses coming to the farm in the morning and I have to be there to pay the hay man, but after that, I am coming home and doing NOTHING all work, no errands....just typing on the computer ......
  9. Beauseant
    12-28-2011 12:22 AM - permalink
    remember how I told you of the thousands of men who died here during the war? Well, this town Is now a famous place for people to come to to see ghosts. There is actually a big business operation that takes people on "ghost tours"....I think this town is more famous for it's ghosts than for the war that was fought here. lol There is a whole culture built up around this town and it's ghosts. So....what's your opinion on ghosts? What about so called "demons"? Witches?

    i had a friend who was into witchcraft once, long long ago....she was very odd.
  10. Beauseant
    12-28-2011 12:20 AM - permalink
    So when you start working with horses, remember to be firm but the horse you are worthy of their respect and admiration....and THEN you will find the bond you have always dreamed of....and you will gain a friend that would follow you to hell...because they respect you, because they trust you....

    Ok, I am done lecturing you....I just cannot believe we made such a mistake.

    I think your dreams are very prophetic in a way....especially about the horse licking your face... your destiny, perhaps!!! I have had dreams that actually came true...perhaps I am a psychic, lol. One of those that can tell the I am only joking. Most of my dreams are dark and scary, dreams of my horrible childhood resurface regularly.
    Hey, I have a totally off topic question for you believe in ghosts? I am asking because ghosts are supposedly all around this town.

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