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  1. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:59 AM - permalink
    Well im off to bed, im a bit tired now! Well anyway good night! :)
  2. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:51 AM - permalink
    I had a riding pony that used to do the same, as soon as he got a new rider off he went, or if he got bored. I called them "rocking horse rears" but its way more intimidating on a big horse not to mention a thoroughbred! Tb's are so hard wired I find them so high matinence, they need so much change so they dont go sour but have melt downs when there routine is changed... Ahhhh the joys! That was good about his trail. Ive had to do that with so many show hacks, just take them out and let them look and be a horse. I know the feeling of dreading lessons, back when i had issues with my galloway i used to dread doing anything on him! Thats good though your enjoying him again though, its supposed to be fun. I think what you said is right his learning he doesnt have it over you!
  3. apachewhitesox
    05-18-2011 08:43 AM - permalink
    Haha yep it took me forever to figure it out. Its part of his way to kind of put it over you and they are only small rears. After a couple he soon realises they're more work then simply doing as I ask. I think he also gets bored in the paddock. We took him out on a trail recently and he was actually very forward, didn't offer to play up once.
    Just a few months ago I dreaded lessons on Apache now I have gotten my confidence back and I have started to ride him again over the last month. I was a complete beginner when I first got him bad mix hehe.
  4. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:37 AM - permalink
    Delightful, that would be hard! Good for you sticking with him! I dont think i know a tb that rears to get "out" of work! A lazy TB wow! I know the feeling of trying to get them to behave though. I beleive their just like tolders, you say dont and of course they do. You guys are a good team!
  5. apachewhitesox
    05-18-2011 08:27 AM - permalink
    Yes I think that would have been an interesting sight. At the moment I am simply trying to get him fit and to behave when being ridden. Just in case you don't know he rears to avoid work he is the laziest horse I know. He has tried nearly everything to avoid work but rearing seems to be his favourite. He is a jerk but he's my jerk :)
  6. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:16 AM - permalink
    If his a handful now imagine him then! you missed half the fun! Least you can say he has personality! What do you do with him?
  7. apachewhitesox
    05-18-2011 08:12 AM - permalink
    No Apache would have been off the track probably just over 4 years when I got him. He definitely has character, he keeps you on your toes. :)
  8. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 08:07 AM - permalink
    In your photos he seems like such a character! Oh cool, did you get him off the track? Im on the Gold coast. :)
  9. apachewhitesox
    05-18-2011 07:58 AM - permalink
    Haha I won't come looking he is only a pretty face. I have had him for about 11 months now. I am from south east qld, you?
  10. JackofDiamonds
    05-18-2011 07:52 AM - permalink
    By the way Apache is stunning! Dont look in my paddocks if he goes missing ok? ;) How long have you had him for? Are you North or South of QLD?
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