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  1. SocietyJoe
    06-20-2011 06:09 AM - permalink
    I saw your reply and found it quite rude; I am actually working with an abused horse who is terrified of whips. I do use one in my lesson, but as soon as he knows I have it in my hand he starts to get joggy, nervous and it feels like I am riding a ticking time bomb. As soon as I drop it he stops the anxiety and calms down and manages a collected walk.

    Yes, I am not as experienced as you and you may be older, but that does not mean you have to tap a horse with a whip for it to respect you, or gain the upper hand. I do treat my horse differently to others because he has been abused, and when I first got him I couldn't do anything on him because I had to gain his trust, and when I finally did - thats when I started to incorporate new idea's such as a lunging whip. (the first time I used it he went into the corner of the round yard and was shaking)

    There are many more ways to gain respect, just because I am 15 doesn't mean I don't know what im talking about.
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