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  1. WoodvillePark
    06-18-2012 04:20 AM - permalink
    Okay sure :)
  2. PintoTess
    06-18-2012 04:19 AM - permalink
    Alright awesome! I will have a look after dinner :P
  3. WoodvillePark
    06-18-2012 04:07 AM - permalink
    Hey, I've posted a few new threads on Archie I thought you might wanna a look at :)
  4. PintoTess
    06-15-2012 02:00 AM - permalink
    Oh yeah :) I have a collegiate dressage and love it to death! I was actaully looking for jumps saddle. Would you reccommend the Wintec CC?
  5. WoodvillePark
    06-15-2012 01:58 AM - permalink
    Okay, thanks, will look now, yeah I do, I have a wintec pony for dressage, and a wintec jump that I use for all types of jumping, but I saving up for a Bates dressage :)
  6. PintoTess
    06-15-2012 01:57 AM - permalink
    She is :) Nah thats ok :P Go onto my profile>Statistics>My threads>then the video :)do you jump in the wintec CC?
  7. WoodvillePark
    06-15-2012 01:55 AM - permalink
    She's so pretty!! I will, have a look, sorry I havn't been on for a while, so what's the video section? :P
  8. PintoTess
    06-15-2012 01:54 AM - permalink
    I did :) Lucy! There is a new video up of her in the video section that I just made if you want to have a look!
  9. WoodvillePark
    06-15-2012 01:53 AM - permalink
    Thats good, did you get a new horse?
  10. PintoTess
    06-15-2012 01:53 AM - permalink
    Im going pretty good :)

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