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Conversation Between Equilove and HorseLife97
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  1. Equilove
    05-12-2011 11:36 PM - permalink
    Don't think of it as snobby, think of it as bluntness. In the "advanced horse world" as I call it (the trainers and professional riders) there are few people who will sugarcoat things, regardless of age or experience. I know that you are young and it is probably difficult for you to relay what exactly you want advice-wise without being criticized for supporting information (rearing, horse being burnt out, etc), and you probably don't understand it from our perspective (since we DON'T know your horse, nor you, nor your trainer). It is natural here for people to criticize the things that have not been asked for critique, especially if it seems like a safety issue or a "big red flag" as they say. Don't take it personally. Take the advice you can use and feel is relevant, and leave the rest. :) Good luck with your horse.
  2. HorseLife97
    05-12-2011 01:41 PM - permalink
    Thank You for being so polite on my thread about my horse crow-hopping. Some people think they know it all and are just flat out snobby. I know my horse isnt burnt out because crowhopping is her only problem and after going over the video for about 10 times she does it around every pole and its actually probably her lead changes! She does rear though but I wish they would give some other advice then to buy a war bonnet or saying she is burnt out !!!!
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