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  1. free_sprtd
    03-21-2009 07:35 PM - permalink
    ok good luck with dinner!

    oh my that's so cute about them!! sad for gem though.... too bad they dont' have a threeesome ahhhahaha jk
  2. appylover31803
    03-21-2009 04:03 PM - permalink
    Im back from the horses. There is atleast half of Gem (in hair) and 1/4 of Vega on the ground LOL. Poor Montana barely had any hair coming off of him, but he never really had a thick winter coat. They all loved the treats I gave them BUT I think Vega has divorced Gem and is now married to Montana, and Gem seems so upset, just standing in the corner :(

    Dinner should be interesting. I hope it all turns out well. I'm a bit nervous.
    I'll give you details tomorrow!!
  3. free_sprtd
    03-21-2009 01:55 PM - permalink
    oh boy good luck with dinner! I want details tomorrow :). I bet they miss you as well :)! okie dokie chat with you later!!! SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!
  4. appylover31803
    03-21-2009 01:50 PM - permalink
    I missed you too! I'm feelings tons better, though not so much today because my FIL's dog woke me and Tom up super early (well not super early, but early for us) I only got 6 hours of sleep and Tom only got 3. And I'm making dinner tonight. MIL and the grandkids are up so it should be interesting.
    I'm off to go see the horses. Haven't seen them in like forever!!
  5. free_sprtd
    03-21-2009 01:11 PM - permalink
    I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you're feeling tons better!!!!
  6. appylover31803
    03-21-2009 01:07 PM - permalink
  7. free_sprtd
    03-21-2009 01:06 PM - permalink
    Guess what?!?!
  8. free_sprtd
    02-27-2009 03:28 PM - permalink
    oh oops lol
  9. appylover31803
    02-27-2009 03:23 PM - permalink
    those are the pictures of them in my barn silly :)
  10. free_sprtd
    02-27-2009 02:16 PM - permalink
    oh it's funny cuz i see pics of you and your horses pop up in threads and I just have'nt clicked on them so i went looking for them and there are none. weird.
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