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  1. Red Gate Farm
    12-17-2011 12:49 AM - permalink
    Red Gate Farm
    If you go to the SCA website, they have a newcomer page that's helpful.

    In the group you're going to visit, you phone their Chatelaine. That's sort of the welcome wagon person who is there just to help new people get oriented! This person should be listed in the Kingdom you're in. If you cannot find it, let me know what city and state/province you're in and I should be able to help.

    My persona is a 16th century Welsh bard (entertainer) but I also do the equestrian, am heavily into the Arts and Sciences and over the past 18 years I have fought in every discipline they have. yes, women can fight too!

    Let me know if you need any more info, I'm glad to help :)
  2. Pyrrhic
    12-16-2011 06:11 PM - permalink
    Thanks so much for that! I'm pretty obsessed with Tudor history, so figured I would do that. How do you start? Do you literally turn up in garb? I'll ask the local group is someone can take me under their wing. Is it ok to just create the persona you want? I was thinking a lower noble Tudor woman but I didn't want to just jump in as something if there is some etiquette I'm supposed to follow lol. I have no idea what avenue I want to go down but I'm thinking equestrian and maybe something like archery. I've only just started to look into it all, but it's a bit exciting What do you do?
  3. Red Gate Farm
    12-16-2011 08:34 AM - permalink
    Red Gate Farm
    Hey there! Yes, I'm with the SCA. It's a recreation group for medieval Europe between 600 - 1600 AD. There are three main areas for you to concentrate on. Service, which is all the administrative/financial part (which every group needs to survive!). There is Combat, broken down into Armoured or Heavy combat like the knights of old with sword and shield. There is Rapier, think three musketeers (though a bit earlier in era than them). There is Missile, which includes archery and any thrown weapons. There is Equestrian, which is relatively new but involves games on horseback. The third area is Arts & Sciences, which is anything made; costuming, entertaining, cooking, brewing, metalwork, alchemy, woodworking, etc.

    I don't want to overburden you since there is a LOT to choose from.
  4. Pyrrhic
    12-16-2011 01:24 AM - permalink
    Hi, I noticed an old post from you saying you were a member of the sca. I'm thinking about joining as I've always fancied re-enactment but literally have no idea where to start and know nothing about it! I found my local group and have dropped them a message but I was wondering if you could tell me more? Thanks x
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