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Conversation Between Buzzby and Chestnut And Me
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  1. Buzzby
    09-01-2011 12:43 PM - permalink
    yep all healed and prefect now
    By kaylaire at 2011-09-01
  2. Chestnut And Me
    09-01-2011 12:33 PM - permalink
    Chestnut And Me
    Oh my. He's better now though?
  3. Buzzby
    09-01-2011 11:28 AM - permalink
    He was loose in the round pen whilst i was mucking out his stable, and either tried to jump out or escape somehow, and crashed into the stock fencing.
  4. Chestnut And Me
    09-01-2011 11:23 AM - permalink
    Chestnut And Me
    Hey, I just viewed those images of Buzz. It looks like a terrible accident. Bet you were very scared. How exactly did he get those? It looks nasty, poor thing.
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