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Conversation Between Joe4d and AnitaAnne
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  1. Joe4d
    09-10-2012 04:40 PM - permalink
    well ask for a video of carnival confettti as well, same owners tell me what yo think for a heavy weight endurance rider.
  2. AnitaAnne
    09-10-2012 03:35 PM - permalink
    No, I'm not one of the Anita friends you know, it is just a nickname. I think 6K is still too much for me when I would have to ship the horse in & fly out to see one. I figure adds at least 1K to the price of the horse. But if I am looking at more than one horse, the price to go look sure goes down!

    I love riding a gaited horse but I kind of miss trotting & posting. Besides i need a horse with more stamina and better recovery, so I need something else to do endurance with. Chivas can't cut it with the slow speeds he has.

    If Babe Magnet could get below 5K I could do it. That is my cut-off point & I have to stick to it because this barn addition is costing me a lot of $$

    He is a very nice looking horse! I am going to ask them for a video to see first before I come look. I have ruled out a lot of horses that way, I send my instructor the link and she has been saying yes or no. Only two yes so far, lots of no's.
  3. Joe4d
    09-10-2012 11:28 AM - permalink
    buy babe magnet, and Ill get carvelli, we can negotiate a two for one deal, They just had a huge Crabbet arabian show here, so dont let the prices scare you off, they just posted those prices for the show. Babe magnet is advertised at 6 and carveli at 3500. needs to get down below 3 for me, I think babe magnet is awsome horse. I'll be honest with you, I hate trotting, never learned how, sold my last horse that trotted and been riding Walkers ever sense. So probably not the best judge of smooth. I may go ride both this week. I think the seller is "motivated". I have a couple anita friends, Is this the anita I rode with in Ivor ?
  4. AnitaAnne
    05-05-2012 11:22 PM - permalink
    Hay Joe, how'd the Bitmore Estate ride go?
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