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Conversation Between EthanQ and VanillaBean
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  1. VanillaBean
    04-11-2012 07:03 PM - permalink
    That's you've been riding like your whole life?

    My mom's QH puts up with a lot from me as well. We go swimming, jumping, dressage, barrels...though he's been misbehaving a lot lately so we are not really getting along....
  2. VanillaBean
    04-11-2012 05:50 PM - permalink
    Haha it's called eventing. :) I have for like 3 years. I started out doing Hunters, but my pony hated it. So...I switched to eventing and we both love it! How about you? ...have you always done roping/speed events?
  3. VanillaBean
    04-10-2012 09:45 PM - permalink
    Haha that made me laugh :)
  4. VanillaBean
    04-09-2012 09:17 PM - permalink
    You do roping?! That's awesome! If I rode western I would want to rope.
  5. VanillaBean
    04-09-2012 05:51 PM - permalink
    Haha! Which ones do you show?
  6. VanillaBean
    04-09-2012 04:08 PM - permalink
    Aww poor boy! Sheena got a bit chinky over the winter, too. Slowly getting her back into shape! I haven't done much XC...I have to trailer to a course and we haven't had the time. I am really looking forward to it with Grace, though. I have done a little with her, but she can get a litlle....excited! ;)
  7. VanillaBean
    04-09-2012 01:45 PM - permalink
    That's awesome! Competitive trail looks super fun. Too bad about Dollar...heaves are so beyond annoying. I thought Grace had heaves a while back, but it turns out she gets allergies in the winter -_-
  8. VanillaBean
    04-09-2012 01:31 PM - permalink
    Awesome! I have been getting my mares ready for show! Grace is going to own Dressage.
  9. VanillaBean
    04-09-2012 01:21 PM - permalink
    Hey Ethan! How's everything going with you?
  10. VanillaBean
    03-13-2012 09:58 PM - permalink
    Well I really hope everything turns out for the best. :)
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