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Conversation Between SRCM16 and DuffyDuck
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  1. SRCM16
    01-28-2012 09:28 AM - permalink
    Plus you could always lease her out; that's what I'm doing with most of my horses when I go to college and after college the lease will be up and I'll have my ponies back. :p I'll make sure I have weekly visits to check on them though, I'd hate to see them being mistreated and what not.

    Lucky, it snowed last night so hopefully I can ride in the arena and pack the snow down enough that its not as slippery.
  2. DuffyDuck
    01-27-2012 05:17 PM - permalink
    I'm gonna miss her too, but she'll be okay, then I'll save to buy another in a few months. She's not advertised, we're still building her up, but yeah.. if no one wants her, she's staying lol!

    Sorry to hear that, we've had pretty good weather, only one night of freezing!
  3. SRCM16
    01-27-2012 05:09 PM - permalink
    I understand that, but I'm really gonna miss seeing posts about her. :(

    They're doing good; getting a break for winter. Its been so darn slippery out that I can barely make it to the barn. Lol.
  4. DuffyDuck
    01-27-2012 04:54 PM - permalink
    Yeah :(
    Only because I want to get in to dressage as a sport, and she won't make it in dressage, very likely jumping, so we're going to approach that when we get to it!

    How're your lot x
  5. SRCM16
    01-27-2012 04:49 PM - permalink
    Your selling Duffy?!
  6. SRCM16
    11-28-2011 09:49 AM - permalink
    Haha Yeah. :p
  7. DuffyDuck
    11-28-2011 09:28 AM - permalink
    Rubbish, at work so can't accept your friend request till I get home!!! Can you wait till then D:
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