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  1. Revengeance
    11-11-2011 05:52 AM - permalink
    They surely like water , both Beau and Epona (asked that question because i've seen once a vid in which a horse was bathed and made quite big eyes ... was looking as if threathened ... woudn't want that ). Oh and ... don't apologize please ... Maybe I should apologize if "Question 2) solved" phrase sounded as if "What ? no answers to the rest of em ?". didn't mean to, Sorry . And besides ... one by one is better ... still have alot of time till september next year ...
  2. Revengeance
    11-10-2011 08:11 AM - permalink
    Yep , you thought well , i do like it .... and it's obvious it doesn't bother him at all ... good to know . Question 2) solved
  3. Revengeance
    11-09-2011 11:41 AM - permalink
    5) Would you like to listen to a short song i've made ... ? xD But ... i don't know how to send it ... i don't think there is any attachement possibility on the forum right ? (btw .. i don't like how it sounds xd .. say NO ! :))

    These are all for the moment :) ... sorry if question 4) bothers .. I shouldn't have bothered you with my hate for materialist persons and with what terrible things happend in my country....
  4. Revengeance
    11-09-2011 11:40 AM - permalink
    4) Well ... this one is a bit different .. i've seen some recent news about the shelter the romanian girls told me about and ... eh ... as i expected .. alot of romanian fight might be there ( 4-5 horses died in 2 -3 years because the staff didn't offer attention to their needs , some of them had health issues , and it is said that the staff took money from donations and didn't take care of the horses as they should have < --- this is the kind of reality i want to GET RID OF ) I've seen those nasty photos with the dead horses and made me very sad... unfortunately.
    What would you do if you were in my place .... now I kinda fear going there if i discover the people there are like that ... going from ignorance town to even bigger ignorance town won't help ... (I'm trying hard to think positive and to think that there are romanians that don't think only at themselves but ... eh ... everyday they prove me the contrary)
  5. Revengeance
    11-09-2011 11:40 AM - permalink
    Okay then...umm :

    1) Does he realize that you do him a favour when u bathe him or any other activity such as that ? (seen once in a vid a horse that was licking the wound of a little boy)
    2) I've read in some places that touching him on his nose is a sign of disrespect ... is it true ? Shall i avoid it as a beginner ?
    3) If you bite from ... hmm .. an apple for example .. .and give it to him after that ... does he think at it as sharing and not as if you were a lower rank in herd or something like that ?
  6. Beauseant
    11-08-2011 10:10 PM - permalink
    Of course, you can ask me anything. I never get tired of talking about horses. They are my totem animal..
  7. Revengeance
    11-08-2011 01:41 PM - permalink
    Btw , my name is Adrian :)
  8. Revengeance
    11-08-2011 01:39 PM - permalink
    Hey ... i'm the 18 year old boy that posted some time ago about my feelings and problems . Forgot to say this actually : Nice to "virtually" meet you hehe (maybe one day ... real time meet :) ). Wanted to tell you that i feel much more better because of your positive reinforcement and i'm sure it will continue to make me feel better till i get to Bucharest at the horse shelter that i will certainly volounteer no matter how much ill overwhelm my university schedule. But till ill get there i must wait one year ... and i'm soooooo(o) excited to discover this "new world". I was wondering ... can i keep my interest at a high rate through you ? if you don't mind of course :)
    ( Example : -If i have questions ... can i ask you ?
    -What things have you experienced in time?
    - etc :)) )
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