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Conversation Between jenainy and Horsesdontlie
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  1. jenainy
    11-04-2011 08:15 PM - permalink
    It was a good game :)
    Yeah, I was on quite frequently. I mostly remember seeing your name in the forums :P
  2. Horsesdontlie
    11-03-2011 10:54 PM - permalink
    It had a good run in its prime. =) I remember seeing you online! I am not very original with usernames so anyplace you find horsesdontlie 75% of the time its me. Lol Though after that guy published the book "Horses never lie" people started coming up with horses don't lie. Hehe
  3. jenainy
    11-03-2011 08:46 PM - permalink
    Hey!! Yeah, it is sad. :(
    My name was dazzlefire.
    I figured it would be you, I recognized the pictures of your horse from your profile on here, them matched with your name made me think of the player from EI!
  4. Horsesdontlie
    11-03-2011 01:09 AM - permalink
    A fellow EI member? -attackhugs- I haven't heard from anyone in a while, what was your username over there? So sad the site went down.
  5. jenainy
    11-03-2011 12:02 AM - permalink
    Are you the same horsesdontlie that played on equintium?
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