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  1. happy123
    06-20-2012 05:23 PM - permalink
    Yea. Or dead x.x
    I think I'm going tomorrow
  2. OuttatheBlue
    06-20-2012 01:40 PM - permalink
    Haha I think that's a good feeling though! If you keep that up imagine how strong you'll be ;)
  3. happy123
    06-17-2012 03:29 PM - permalink
    I made a mistake xD
    I had not been riding in about 2 months then I went and did hard work/riding for 2 days in a row from like 7 to 11. I mean extreme barn makeover and schooling bratty ponies hard work. Now I cant move haha. The horse I was working with, Gunner, is an adorable dun qh. A really nice trained cow horse. Except that he had not been really ridden by anyone except for beginners in a while. So I was doing circles at the w/t/c for about an hour because he was really hot. Also his trot is extremely bumpy and his transitions are really bad. I almost fell off twice (gotta love manes) and he did some crow hopping. We also did a ton af backing because apperently "whoa" means stop and then take two more steps.
    So yea I cant really move right now
  4. happy123
    05-01-2012 08:06 PM - permalink
    Thanks :)
    He is so adorable! He has actually started playing with wrigley, and walking around a little. I actually saw his tail wagging yesterday! We are making progress :)
  5. OuttatheBlue
    04-29-2012 07:28 AM - permalink
    Nope, Tilly isn't a mini :) she's a little over 40 pounds (girl aussies only weigh 40-50 pounds they're a lot smaller) but I think she's mixed with border collie and that gives her that really slender look haha. Mini's look more like tiny dogs (I think they only weigh 20 tops, but daang they're adorable!) Normal weight for a male Aussie is around 50-60 pounds so if he gets bigger than that he's probably a mix. Post pictures!!! You'll find out why Aussies are my favorite dog breed :) (excluding the mutt's that are awesome too). He'll probably not be as outgoing as Tilly- most Aussies aren't and are weary of strangers, which isn't bad at all! Oh you'll have so much fun! They're naturals at agility, so I really recommend that, it's so much fun! Okay I'll quit rambling but I'm happy for you!
  6. happy123
    04-29-2012 03:15 AM - permalink
    The rescue was not entirley sure of his breed because he was a stray but he looks like it. He might have some retriever in him too because of his webbed paws and how big he is. I'm really exited
  7. happy123
    04-29-2012 03:13 AM - permalink
    We got a puppy! An Australian shepherd. He is about 3-4 months old. We got him today at a rescue. He is red and white and so cute! Just the sweetest thing. He is really shy. Wrigley likes him, and normally she hares other dogs but she sniffed him then sat by him. He is super cuddly and should probably be huge! His paws are really big. Was Tilly a mini aussies? He is probably the same size as she is now.
  8. OuttatheBlue
    04-17-2012 07:07 AM - permalink
    Yeah I'm really excited :) And they've accepted Reily to come one eye and all. If my memory is correct... you get the choice to keep it or sell it, I believe they're rescues so no real owners.
  9. happy123
    04-16-2012 11:25 PM - permalink
    Awesome that sounds really cool! Do you keep the horse when you are done or sell it or give it to the owner?
  10. OuttatheBlue
    04-16-2012 10:53 PM - permalink
    It was a curb, and no not made out of gold lol. I wish I remembered who made it... but I can't. They use very nice materials to make the bits and balance them very well. They even had some bits in the thousands but those were CRAZY nice bits... wish I knew more about them though.

    Thanks! Actually neither... I'm doing an Equine Business degree this next year (so it's applicable in more spaces) and then I'll be doing a equine training program where they gave you a 2 year old never touched horse and give you a year or two to train the horse to ride and show.
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