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  1. Back2Horseback
    05-02-2012 06:44 PM - permalink
    Aw, total bummer about having to redo pre-requisites! ...You'll get there, even if it takes a bit longer. With a husband in the military, nursing is perfect as it allows you real ease in moving, if necessary, in terms of license transfer & in getting jobs...there are ALWAYS nursing jobs everywhere. I know that is getting ahead of where you are now, but just something cool to think about for the future! And thank you to YOUR HUSBAND for HIS SERVICE as well! Great that he's home, rather than deployed! You are also SO BLESSED to have your beautiful mare with you...I envy you for having such an awesome horse with whom you share a true connection; I so hope to have that, too, someday-ha, even if I'm 50 by then! :0) Anyhow, take care, & my advice re: school (sorry, unsolicited, I know) would be to enjoy the "process" as much as possible, despite any hurdles...(better than the alternative, right? Lol). Hope you have a great day!! ~ Tammy :0)
  2. Army wife
    05-02-2012 05:50 AM - permalink
    Army wife
    Wow, you are so sweet Tammy!!! I am trying really hard to finish my pre-reqs right now. Not easy switching states and schools. Esp here in Hawaii, this place is like a whole other country!! I was working at my Associates, I would probably be in the actual nursing program right now had I not gotten married and moved here (assuming I was accepted.) So now I have to finish, but back track at the same time. I only need 3 classes back home, but about 5 here because their pre-reqs are different for the classes I need. Talk about a discouraging headache!! That's amazing, I'm not sure yet which field I want to go down, but I'm thinking ER. My husband is 1-27 Infantry Division. Wolfhounds :) He actually is artillery though. He was in Iraq, just got home last june. Tell your husband thank you for his service :) Thank you so much :) God bless you!!
  3. Back2Horseback
    05-01-2012 01:08 PM - permalink
    Hi Army Wife!

    Just got home from work and was doing some reading on horse color/genetics before bed (night shift nurse here!)...& came across your thread and saw you are a nursing student! That's awesome! What sort of program are you in? BSN? ADN? I wanted to welcome you to the nursing world and say if you ever have a question/need nursing-school related help, I'm available!
    I currently have 15+ years in nursing, w/ 6 years in L&D/NICU, then 4 years floating (M/S, ER, ICU, as well as still LD/NICU), then the past five years in PSYCH! I really do enjoy every area, each in it's own way.
    ALSO, my husband is ex-Army 82nd Airborne & served in Desert Storm, so lots in common! I thought, "How fun, I should msg this person!" Very nice to "meet" you! :0) Hope you have an awesome day! ~ Tammy
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