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  1. jaydee
    08-21-2012 07:51 PM - permalink
    People make up their minds without actually understanding or wanting to understand the point you're making sometimes you just have to walk away. I dont consider a horse that bucks, has an occasional rear or spook to be a problem horse. It does have the potential to be a problem horse in the wrong hands. These people have probably never had any experience of a real problem and hopefully never will. My sons mare threw a tantrum tonight as she wanted to do some jumping not flat work in the menage so she kept trying to bolt off - she isn't a bad horse she just has attitude. She is so strong that you can't hold her when she has a mood like this but you can talk her down really easily because we spent time on her groundwork.
    You sound to be doing a great job in your own quiet way. If people were having so much success with these auction buys there wouldn't be so many going back.
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