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Conversation Between texasreb and Red Raiders
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  1. Red Raiders
    08-16-2012 09:37 AM - permalink
    Red Raiders

    He makes all those appearances because he looks like Donald duck. No offense.
  2. texasreb
    08-15-2012 09:02 PM - permalink
    I didn't know he was on Wheel of Fortune! I know he's a really popular mascot and makes public appearances all over the place.

    Nice avatar, by the way!
  3. Red Raiders
    08-15-2012 08:42 PM - permalink
    Red Raiders
    Why was the Oregon Duck on wheel of Fortune?
  4. Red Raiders
    08-15-2012 08:30 PM - permalink
    Red Raiders
    I sure hope soo. Tubberville is a bad coach
  5. texasreb
    08-15-2012 08:21 PM - permalink
    No worries!

    As in Texas Tech? Methinks your coach is on the hotseat this year.
  6. Red Raiders
    08-15-2012 08:03 PM - permalink
    Red Raiders
    I'm pumped for football! Let's Go raiders!! My alma mater
  7. Red Raiders
    08-15-2012 08:02 PM - permalink
    Red Raiders
    I see. I could barely see the duck and I thought Donald. Sorry
  8. texasreb
    08-15-2012 08:01 PM - permalink
    I'm outraged!! That's not Donald Duck! It's the University of Oregon's awesome mascot.

    Oregon was my college alma mater and college football season is starting soon.

    Go Ducks!

    (I'm not really outraged! Oregon is allowed to use the image of Disney's Donald Duck in a green and yellow outfit for it's mascot).
  9. Red Raiders
    08-15-2012 07:53 PM - permalink
    Red Raiders
    Out of curiosity why's Donald Duck in your avatar picture?
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