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  1. Beau Baby
    02-17-2010 12:21 AM - permalink
    Beau Baby
    okay thanks. maybe i'll still consider one of them.
  2. Canopach01
    02-16-2010 12:35 PM - permalink
    Horrible breeding stock??? I would take those opinions with a grain of salt. She breeds beautiful conformationally correct animals. Her stallions and mares are correct for the breed they are.
  3. Beau Baby
    02-14-2010 11:35 PM - permalink
    Beau Baby
    hey. i was wondering if you could tell me a little about the TVR babies. I made a thread on here and people said the stallions and mares looked like horrible breeding stock and that I should get a differant foal. what are your opinions?
  4. Beau Baby
    01-02-2010 12:21 AM - permalink
    Beau Baby
    wow. you are so incredibly lucky! do you have pictures of all 3? I might have seen them when I looked one time.
  5. Canopach01
    01-02-2010 12:19 AM - permalink
    I hope one summer you will get a TVR baby. I am lucky enough to have 3 from there. What fantastic horses she breeds.
  6. Beau Baby
    01-01-2010 03:54 PM - permalink
    Beau Baby
    hey. i was reading a thread and noticed you said you had a horse from Twin Valley Ranch in Manitoba. I have looked at those horses every summer for the past 3 years. I'm in love with them and your lucky to have one. Maybe one day my mom will let me get one. :)

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