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Conversation Between Amanda Marie and Colorado Dobes
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  1. Amanda Marie
    01-08-2009 12:47 AM - permalink
    Amanda Marie
    oh cool. :) Yup, this is the first weekend. We just go with the FFA the 17th, 18th, & 19th because it's the most amount of days without missing school, since we have the 19th off. Then the next weekend me and my mom are just going up. They do the english h/j and such the first weekend, then the next is all of the draft stuff; being that my mom has a draft horse she likes going to watch the draft events.

    It actually depends on where you park for the most part.. We always park in the parking area by the stock yards.. which we actually like, because then you get to walk the ramp over the stock yards, so you get to see it all. Parking there isn't really bad.. Or atleast when we've gone.
  2. Colorado Dobes
    01-07-2009 09:08 PM - permalink
    Colorado Dobes
    I was planning on it. Doesn't it start Saturday?

    I have to go to Denver Saturday to transport a dog, but I don't know if I will go or not. I've heard parking is insane unless you get there early.
  3. Amanda Marie
    01-07-2009 07:52 PM - permalink
    Amanda Marie
    No, I'm more in to just pleasure riding.. We have a lot of gorgeous trails up here. But I did 4H as a kid, and I'm currently in FFA and am one of the 4 kids on on our horse judging team. So that's my competition. lol.

    I'm actually going to the stock show the 17th, 18th, and 19th, and then also on the 24th and 25th. :) Are you going up?
  4. Colorado Dobes
    01-07-2009 07:36 PM - permalink
    Colorado Dobes
    I'm very new to this board, too. Do you compete with your horses?

    Are you going to the stock show in Denver this weekend?
  5. Amanda Marie
    01-07-2009 06:18 PM - permalink
    Amanda Marie
    Oh awesome!! So you are really close!

    There's not many other active Colorado people that i've seen on here so far.. So it's really cool to see someone so close! (though I'm pretty new to the board myself)

    Though I do really like this forum... it's got some of the coolest features! :)
  6. Colorado Dobes
    01-07-2009 03:02 PM - permalink
    Colorado Dobes
    Colorado Springs! My horse is in Falcon.
  7. Amanda Marie
    01-07-2009 02:55 PM - permalink
    Amanda Marie
    hey, another colorado'n. :)

    Gunnison, you?
  8. Colorado Dobes
    01-07-2009 02:53 PM - permalink
    Colorado Dobes
    What part of Colorado are you from?
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