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  1. cheply
    09-07-2009 01:52 PM - permalink
    Yeah I will do that.
    It will take me a while... because I'm a lazy procrastinator.... haha, but I will get around to it!
  2. Twilight Arabians
    09-07-2009 03:45 AM - permalink
    Twilight Arabians
    wow that drawing is amazing! thanks!! I would love if you could maybe scan it and pm it to me. thank again!
  3. cheply
    09-07-2009 02:29 AM - permalink

    I drew this off a pic you posted of one of your horses on the Horse Pictures forum.

    I took the pic with my phone.. thats why its such bad quality. Lemme know if you want a good version.. otherwise, I just did it for fun! haha

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