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Conversation Between morganshow11 and IheartPheobe
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  1. IheartPheobe
    08-10-2009 09:41 AM - permalink
    Hey! My show horse at camp was named Rowdy, lol.. :)
  2. morganshow11
    07-11-2009 02:26 PM - permalink
    ah i see
  3. IheartPheobe
    07-10-2009 06:59 PM - permalink
    Nopee. Luke and I will only go up to 2'6 at the highest, sadly, because I might not even ride him this week and then after Friday his owner will be riding him again :( But, if his owner is eventually good enough, he could definately be taken that high or higher. He's definately over 17 hands; he's a giantt and really thick boned, too.
    nopee. he's actually the only horse at my barn besides the ones that are new that I don't have pictures of.
  4. morganshow11
    07-10-2009 04:43 PM - permalink
    wow 5ft?!?!?! dang have any pics?
  5. IheartPheobe
    07-10-2009 01:12 PM - permalink
    Yeah. =] He's only like, 7 or 8 so he probably hasn't tried very high but he could go up to 5'0 if he tried, I'd bet. =] I've only jumped him 2'0 so far =P
  6. morganshow11
    07-09-2009 01:22 PM - permalink
    Thats cool, does he jump?
  7. IheartPheobe
    07-07-2009 08:12 PM - permalink
    He's a draft X named Luke (:
  8. morganshow11
    07-07-2009 06:40 PM - permalink
    thats good!!! What breed? name?
  9. IheartPheobe
    07-06-2009 04:03 PM - permalink
    the horse I'm riding this week is AWESOME! =]
  10. morganshow11
    07-06-2009 01:23 PM - permalink
    yup!! and that sucks~~~~~
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