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  1. IheartPheobe
    02-16-2010 06:31 PM - permalink
    ...Spelling fail. SORRY, I HAD TO. xDD
    ahh okayyy. so, this guy. is he cute? (:
    AND YOU BETTER NOT! No touching my baby daddy. :P
  2. StormyBlues
    02-16-2010 06:23 PM - permalink
    No, not with my mom there, and I might not go, procussion lines really army my thing....

    Tell kev I will rip him limb from limb and scatter the prices accross the globe....
  3. IheartPheobe
    02-16-2010 06:20 PM - permalink
    oooo smexy datee? ;) lmao
    i wonttt tell him! idk about meh baby daddy tho, he might let it slip :P
  4. StormyBlues
    02-16-2010 06:16 PM - permalink
    But I'm going with a guy I sorta like so..... (shhh don't tell Shaun ;))
  5. IheartPheobe
    02-16-2010 06:11 PM - permalink
    awww, okay..
  6. StormyBlues
    02-16-2010 06:10 PM - permalink
    I might not get on tonight........ I might go to a conceret like thing...
  7. IheartPheobe
    02-16-2010 05:53 PM - permalink
    gahh you need to get on sooonn.. im so bored.. and annoyed & sorta sad..:(
  8. IheartPheobe
    02-16-2010 05:41 PM - permalink
    yeah, in a different unit but same hospital.
  9. StormyBlues
    02-16-2010 05:36 PM - permalink
    I would think so. Because it would be in the same hospital right?
  10. IheartPheobe
    02-16-2010 05:18 PM - permalink
    hahaa yesss, it wasss.
    do you think they would release kevin [very] temporarily so he could come see me? or no?

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