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Conversation Between brookelovesparelli and savvylover112
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  1. brookelovesparelli
    08-21-2009 06:38 AM - permalink
    ok... have fun.. i get to go to bed lolsa
  2. savvylover112
    08-21-2009 06:36 AM - permalink
    yeah she is starting to get it

    well i have to go work my horses ttyl xx
  3. brookelovesparelli
    08-21-2009 06:34 AM - permalink
    hehe lol, it does take a bit if they are not used to it, etc.. but once they get it... they get it!
  4. savvylover112
    08-21-2009 06:29 AM - permalink
    aw its ok wen im sleepy i make much bigger mistakes lol

    yeah i tried it before and she used to get really frustrated and not know what i was asking but i think she has really grasped the concept now lol my mams friend does it and she was like you NEED the carrot stick for it to work and that was what was annoying phoebe and when i just used my hands and the rope without the carrot stick she did so much better i think she has had a bad experiance with whips and sticks lol but she is getting better
  5. brookelovesparelli
    08-21-2009 06:25 AM - permalink
    thats good, it is really good for them, i don't do it that much any more but it's great! glad she went great for you then.

    PS. so im sleepy i meant u in stead of y ooopie
  6. savvylover112
    08-21-2009 06:21 AM - permalink
    aw I'm good I did some parelli work with my horse phoebe yesterday and she was great might do some more today
  7. brookelovesparelli
    08-21-2009 06:11 AM - permalink
    good, good, Y??
  8. savvylover112
    08-21-2009 05:56 AM - permalink
    hi brooke how are you???
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