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Conversation Between Tayz and IheartPheobe
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  1. IheartPheobe
    10-02-2009 11:33 PM - permalink
    heyyy how are you?
  2. IheartPheobe
    09-30-2009 08:58 PM - permalink
    I'm pretty good. :) I rode yesterday & today.. Yesterday was at a new barn I was testing out. I didn't really like it, but the horse was okay.
    Today I rode one of the ponies I've been riding for many years. He's always been kinda hard for me. But today? He was PERFECTO! We did walk trot canter & a little jumping.. Practicing for a show. He was an angell. <3
  3. Tayz
    09-30-2009 08:31 PM - permalink
    Thanks. So, how are you?
  4. IheartPheobe
    09-13-2009 10:55 AM - permalink
    Awesome!!!! Congratz!
  5. Tayz
    09-12-2009 10:25 PM - permalink
    Wow, cool. Congrats
    Well, I've got my own good news. I've started cantering and I love it Still getting the rythm, but still loving it.
  6. IheartPheobe
    07-13-2009 04:02 PM - permalink
    It is really, really fun. When's your next lesson? (:
    Okay, today I got to the barn and found out that I'm not riding Luke.. :(
    BUT! I'm on my favorite pony in the entire universe, who I've been told several times now is "too small" and "too easy" and that I can't ride him again.. well, my instructor was feeling nice so until Friday, I'll be on my favorite mount! =]
    I jumped him without reins for his first time, and he was amazing!
  7. Tayz
    07-12-2009 11:19 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I really can't wait to start cantering. Yeah, I'm in no rush to get my own horse yet. :)
    I hope you get to stay on him...
  8. IheartPheobe
    07-12-2009 08:25 PM - permalink
    I'm good! Riding a fabulous new horse, hoping I can stay on him but thinking I can't :(
    Don't rush yourself.. make sure you're ready to own your own horse first ;) Cantering is verrry fun, you'll love it!!
  9. Tayz
    07-12-2009 06:44 PM - permalink
    Very good. I might be trying my first canter soon and my parents said I can get a horse in the near future too :) How about you?
  10. IheartPheobe
    07-12-2009 06:02 PM - permalink
    hey Tay! How are you?
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