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Conversation Between Equus_girl and dixiegirl
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  1. dixiegirl
    06-18-2009 11:31 PM - permalink
    That is sooooo exciting!!! Do you get to name him? Oh, how fun! You'll have to put up pictures so i can see him. :) Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Equus_girl
    06-18-2009 08:54 AM - permalink
    Nellie had her foal!!! I got up at 4:30 and she had just foaled it maybe an hour before. It's a sorrel colt and is very friendly. I imprinted him and he's doing great. I have a thread about him in the breeding section.
  3. Equus_girl
    06-16-2009 09:34 AM - permalink
    No, she is still teasing me - but it should be any day now. She is so huge! Yes, hopefully I can see her foal, but she usually foals late at night. I'm definatly going to try though! I have a thread about her under "Breeding" called "Waiting for this mare to foal. There's some pictures of her there.
  4. dixiegirl
    06-15-2009 10:40 PM - permalink
    Oh thank you! :) Did the one mare you told me about have her foal yet? Hopefully you can see it give birth, it is a really cool experience. :)
  5. Equus_girl
    06-15-2009 10:06 PM - permalink
    Thats a wonderful name! I really like that! She sounds like a wonderfully sweet filly.
  6. dixiegirl
    06-15-2009 07:15 PM - permalink
    I finally got her named... Annabell!! It totally fits her personality... she is real sweet not really hyper. lol :)
  7. dixiegirl
    06-14-2009 01:34 PM - permalink
    Yeah, Kate can be the same way!! lol The filly will start following me or just stay by me when I am scratching her and when Kate walks off she is not very happy when she doesn't follow her. :)
  8. Equus_girl
    06-14-2009 01:29 PM - permalink
    Awww! Thats wonderful - it is so wonderful when they are handled right after birth. They are so tame and love people. Thats real cute she nickers at you! One foal did that to me too and tried to follow me when I walked away - the mother wasn't impressed!
  9. dixiegirl
    06-14-2009 01:24 PM - permalink
    Hey! Thank you! I am already having so much fun! :) She is really sweet and is totally find with me!! The first day she was born she actually would start nickering and come to me when I went out to see her! :)
  10. Equus_girl
    06-13-2009 10:12 PM - permalink
    Awwww! She's adorable!!! Congratulations! You will have a lot of fun with her.
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