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Conversation Between LacyLove and eventnwithwinston
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  1. eventnwithwinston
    12-27-2009 10:38 PM - permalink
    10% is getting there! who might you lease in the spring?
    How was your Christmas or Channukah or whatever? :P
  2. LacyLove
    12-05-2009 09:27 PM - permalink
    i havent been on in like...2 weeks lol so busyy. lessons once a week...starting to lease again in the spring. like 10% chance of buying and are you and winston??
  3. eventnwithwinston
    12-03-2009 10:44 PM - permalink
    Hows life? Horses? You?
  4. LacyLove
    07-20-2009 10:17 PM - permalink
    yay winston!!! well, my avatar is of manny. i should have a vid very soon! i cant wait to start jumping him. i havent jumped in a month and a half!
  5. eventnwithwinston
    07-20-2009 09:47 PM - permalink
    yesss you did tell me like a long time ago :(
    im still very very sorry that that happened.

    YAY! you need to post pictures of Manny! Thats sooo great! He sounds like a cutie :)
    Mmm starbucks! Thanks Im glad your having a good summer too! OOhh and Winston jumped his first cross country fence with me today!
  6. LacyLove
    07-20-2009 05:30 PM - permalink
    LacyLove not sure if i told you but, my barn closed down and lacy got sold =[. i was reallly reallly reallllly sad. i still cry every day. so that happened a like a month ago. now im at a new barn that a bunch of the people from the old barn came to and im share boarding a 16 y/o app gelding named Manny. We should be jumping in a few weeks! =] my summer is good, i just got back from starbucks with my friend. we walked hehe. glad you're having a good summer and you and winston are doing well!
  7. eventnwithwinston
    07-19-2009 10:26 PM - permalink
    DARIAAAAA! I havent been on here forever and ever. I missed you all!
    Okay so update me now! Hows everything going? Are you still riding? Who are you riding? Hows your summer? AHHHHH :)

    My summers been great so has Winston! We havent competed since like March...? But are going to do our first eventing trial in August!!! ummm sooo yeah. Please VM me baccck!!!
  8. eventnwithwinston
    06-13-2009 10:35 PM - permalink
    Hey Daria hows it going? Those stitches out yet?
    Hows Lacey? I feel like I havent been on here in AGES! Ive been really really busy though...
  9. LacyLove
    06-06-2009 09:58 AM - permalink
    yea, not too good, but i should be fine in a week or 2
  10. eventnwithwinston
    06-05-2009 11:52 PM - permalink
    Daria I heard about your stitches!!! Ahhh that stinks!
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