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  1. IheartPheobe
    12-27-2009 10:49 PM - permalink
    Channukah was great!! Me and my horses are great. . wow it is so crazy that is has been this long, but, Rupert past away in October. . I am riding a horse from camp that I was in love with, who came to my barn recently, Diesel, right now
  2. eventnwithwinston
    12-27-2009 10:36 PM - permalink
    I know!! How was your Christmas or Channukah (whichever you celebrate)? Hows you and your horseys??
    Its been forever! Me and Winston are doing good! Our dressage has really improved and hes jumping more accurate and higher. He did his first 2'6" show in October and it went pretty well... it was a jumpers and we werent fast enough though lol. He got a new field .. I cant wait for next summer's eventing shows though! ahhhh
  3. IheartPheobe
    12-25-2009 09:04 PM - permalink
    E!! We haven't talked in such a long time!! How are you and Winston?
  4. eventnwithwinston
    10-14-2009 03:34 PM - permalink
    I finished your edit! Take a look and tell me what you think :) I can always fix it if you want! Thanks ...
  5. IheartPheobe
  6. IheartPheobe
    09-09-2009 07:38 PM - permalink
    I'm okay. I rode Gonzo today for the first time in a month. I'd been planning (as was requested by Megan) not to ride Gonzo anymore, for a while at least, but I have Caroline as my instructor. So, she asked who I wanted to ride and I said, "Rupert. . well, i really want Gonzo but Megan says I can't ride him!" and she told me she'll let me ride him anyways!
    Next week I'll ride Ru but will hopefully go back to Gonzo. (: He was okay today, at first he was lazy and then I realized his saddle pad was folded over in the front, so I hopped down and fixed it, and after that, he was SO hyper! Our first canter he was nice, second nice, but the third time he was VERY hyper and I almost fell once. . :P No jumping, ran out of time.
  7. eventnwithwinston
    09-08-2009 09:25 PM - permalink
    VERY good :)
    You? I havent talked to you all in a loooong time!
  8. IheartPheobe
    09-08-2009 09:06 PM - permalink
    Hey E. How are you and your boy? ;D
  9. IheartPheobe
    08-11-2009 11:27 AM - permalink
    OMG those are so o fun! I did them on Galen :)
  10. eventnwithwinston
    08-11-2009 11:25 AM - permalink
    Aaahhh thats sooo fun! Winston and I figured out we could do stop to canter transitions the other day which are very entertaining lol. :P
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