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  1. Brighteyes
    10-16-2010 07:52 PM - permalink
    Well, better get back on track. :)

    Today, I severly under ate. I went hunting at 6:00 am, came home that afternoon, ate half a sandwich, and went to work. That's it... :(

    At work, I rode at a running walk and canter for 20 minutes, then galloped on another Walker for 15. Not a long time to ride, but intense stuff.
  2. ellygraceee
    10-16-2010 03:24 AM - permalink
    That's fine Brighteyes! =] I completely forgot! D:
  3. Brighteyes
    10-15-2010 05:02 PM - permalink
    Sorry about dying for a quite, Elly! My computer connection went down and I don't know a thing about computers. I had to call my dad and get him to fix it. *Blush*
  4. ellygraceee
    10-10-2010 06:18 PM - permalink
    Ohhh that's awesome! It must be so much fun. I don't think I've ever heard of any shows in Qld that have saddle horses. They may at the EKKA (Royal Brisbane Show). Haha, sitting it sounds like sitting the trot - tonnes of stomach muscle.

    Haha, I'm like 17 so I'm exaggerating about my age. Dressage is awesome. The difficulty depends on the horse. Eg, Barcoo's a rat and so I use every muscle in my body as strong as I can to get him to do anything, while Hocus is super sensitive and just a squeeze of a bum cheek can get her scooting sideways. Maybe dressage lessons would benefit a saddle horse rider? Probably work the other way around too
    Ohhh sounds yum Bagels are good. For brekky I had strawberries, lunch is leftover risotto and as it's only 8:17am, I'm not thinking about dinner haha.
    Have fun with your dog!
  5. Brighteyes
    10-10-2010 11:44 AM - permalink
    Saddle horses is an older term for gaited horses. We mostly apply it to TWHs, Rocky Mountains, Spotted Saddle Horses... Most of the common Southern US breeds. And a running walk is the gaited horse equivalent of a trot. It's just what it sounds like -- a fast gait with the same foot falls as a walk. Some horses can running walk as fast as a normal horse can canter. It's usually pretty smooth, but sitting it correctly takes a lot of stomach muscle. :)

    Two hours of riding would exhaust me even in my young age! And dressage sounds run. I've never had a formal dressage lesson. Is it tough? All that fancy-ness seems really hard to me.

    As for food, I had a bagel for breakfast and a salad for lunch. For dinner, I'm thinking about some fish. It's the middle of the afternoon, so once it cools down, I'm going to go on a jog with my dog.
  6. ellygraceee
    10-10-2010 06:42 AM - permalink
    I think I must have been doped up when I posted last. Did you mean Saddlebreds or just horses that can be ridden? Actually, I think I'm pretty doped up on Nurophen Plus at the moment.. LOL
    And thanks haha, I did the real thing today. Tried out a new dressage horse for the second time. Two hours of riding and I'm stuffed LOL. Am getting slack in my old age! I felt so proud - first (on purpose) decent half pass on the dressage mare today!
    That sounds like pretty good exercise for you! It doesn't seem like it but stuff like that uses so many muscles haha. Ohhhh, what's a running walk? Forgive me, haha I have like zero knowledge of gaited horses.
    Ohhh that's not much food! But at least it seems to be fairly healthy =] Mine was "Up And Go" for breaky, lasagne and potato bake for lunch and risotto for dinner.
  7. Brighteyes
    10-09-2010 02:42 PM - permalink
    No saddle horses at all? *Gasp* How do you survive!?

    Ha ha, nice exercise. :) And sorry about your back. Hope it feels better soon!

    I had to get up and work early today, so no breakfast. I snagged a half a peice of pizza and some grapes for lunch. I have no idea what's for dinner since it's only 2:00.

    As for exercise, I'm exhausted. I worked a pony party today. Saddled and groomed horses, trotted them around with little kids on their backs, moved hay bales... I also got in a little riding. It was only a 20 minute trail ride at a running walk though.
  8. ellygraceee
    10-09-2010 03:24 AM - permalink
    Ohhh your soup sounds so good! =D It sounds like you did some pretty good eating! So far today I've had a steak pie, a burrito, an 'Up And Go' drink (pretty much two Weetbix blended with milk and Milo) and I have no idea what's for tea.
    Oh awesome =] It must be fun to ride a saddle horse - I don't think we have gaited horses at all around here. My exercise was racing horses on my PS2 - the cracked bone in my back is playing up (wild jumping pony took a 40cm jump at a flat gallop and overjumped by a mile) so I'm taking it easy for a while.
    Haha, lucky! I wish we had 5 days off school. We're one week back and we're already counting down to formal/grad. 30 days of school to go...
  9. Brighteyes
    10-06-2010 08:07 PM - permalink
    I made my own. Chicken and rice, yum! It's super easy to make; only took me 45 minutes. And your salad sounds good. Mine are pitiful; just lettuce and tomatoes.

    And today I started out with a breakfast bar. For lunch I ate a peanut butter sammich and some fruit, and for dinner I had a burrito with chicken and on a whole grain tortilla.

    And my exercise today was pretty mild. I went out after school to work with my BO's daughter's three-year-old spotted saddle horse. We did some area work --or pasture work, rather; the arena was in use. He worked on good turns, walking straight... Mostly just walking and gaiting straight. He's got horsie ADHD. We did this for about half an hour, then went on an hour trail ride.

    Volleyball game tomarrow, more riding Saturday, and a five day break from school. :) My week is turning out well.
  10. ellygraceee
    10-06-2010 03:27 AM - permalink
    Good luck with your tests! =] I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. Ooh, the volleyball practise sounds tough, but fun. My exercise today was zilch. It's just too hot and if I don't turn that air con on soon I'll die! D:

    Ohh and my food for the day was Weetbix mixed with Mango yoghurt instead of milk for brekky, a salad (lettuce, strausberg sausage, ham, chinese noodles and sweet chilli sauce) and I'm not sure about tea yet. How'd your soup go? Do you make your own or just heat up a can? I love the homemade stuff but Campbells have some pretty good soups.
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