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Conversation Between Jillyann and savvylover112
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  1. Jillyann
    09-05-2009 11:24 AM - permalink
    Ohhh right right, I forgot about this year.
  2. savvylover112
    09-04-2009 04:33 PM - permalink
    well three cos i have this yr then 5th yr then 6th yr then college
  3. Jillyann
    09-04-2009 03:43 PM - permalink
    This is about you going to school... So you basically have 2 years left??
  4. savvylover112
    08-20-2009 02:51 PM - permalink
    hey jillyann your edit is done its in my thread
  5. Jillyann
    08-19-2009 03:26 PM - permalink
    They are on there now
  6. savvylover112
    08-19-2009 03:23 PM - permalink
    k thanks so much dont know wats wrong wit my comp xx
  7. Jillyann
    08-19-2009 03:22 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I will.
  8. savvylover112
    08-19-2009 03:21 PM - permalink
    ok its just it doesnt come up wit anything wen i right click on the pic could you get them into the thread any other way??
  9. Jillyann
    08-19-2009 03:16 PM - permalink
    Just click on the picture, so it shows up bigger on your screen, and then right click on the picture and hit 'save picture'
  10. savvylover112
    08-19-2009 03:14 PM - permalink
    sorry jillyann how do i take photos from photobucket?? i have never used photobucket before??
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