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Conversation Between ilovemyPhillip and Tyler
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  1. ilovemyPhillip
    06-25-2012 09:36 AM - permalink
    Tyler, I have been slacking.

    Checking out the pics now!
  2. Tyler
    06-18-2012 10:26 PM - permalink
    Got some new pics of Spirit today: Pics of Spirit Tango Niner Two
  3. ilovemyPhillip
    04-02-2012 01:01 PM - permalink
    I saw! I just took a quick glance from the app on my phone. When I get a chance to look on a computer I will!! :)

    Do you still have the goaty girls? :)
  4. Tyler
    03-31-2012 07:33 PM - permalink
    Three weeks later, I finally get around to taking more pics of Spirit! =P Just posted them on flickr. =)

    I took a few on film, too Hopefully I'll get them up on flickr within the month (depending on how quick I shoot the roll). If they turn out, that is... I've never shot film before.
  5. Tyler
    03-09-2012 01:32 PM - permalink
    I'm actually fixing to leave for Texas for a week (leaving my house in about 2 hours), so I don't have time to get pics now. I'll (try to) make it a priority to get some pics when I get back, though! =D

    Noice! Looking good. =)
  6. ilovemyPhillip
    03-08-2012 01:31 PM - permalink
    More pictures! I need my cute horsey fix. (:

    I made a Flickr. :P all new pictures on it!
  7. Tyler
    03-02-2012 02:02 PM - permalink
    I know, right? Little animals are so cute/so much fun! =D

    Kk. You're camera must have some pretty sweet low-light capabilities if you can keep it at ISO 800! My old D40 was terrible at high ISOs... pretty much anything higher that 400 looked wretched. =P

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  8. ilovemyPhillip
    02-17-2012 11:57 AM - permalink
    OMG OMG OMG I LOVE HIM, TYLER! I'm so happy for you!!! (:

    That's pretty much what I do. Depending on the light I mess with my white balance. I like to keep my ISO at 800.
  9. Tyler
    02-15-2012 04:07 PM - permalink
    Ta da!!! It's official 'cause he's in the "barn" now. =)

    Spirit the horse
  10. Tyler
    02-15-2012 10:50 AM - permalink
    Good. He's most likely the one I'll go with. =) Not yet – I'll have to get that done myself. He's asking $200.

    Ah, k. So basically since you're using AV Mode, you're using your aperture to adjust the exposure of your photos?
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