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Conversation Between horseluver2435 and IheartPheobe
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  1. IheartPheobe
    06-07-2009 03:50 PM - permalink
    Sounds fun! Hope Rainy behaves herself! :)
  2. horseluver2435
    06-06-2009 10:14 PM - permalink
    Happily enough, I'm going to the barn tomorrow morning to ride with my friend to celebrate her Quarab's birthday. =]
  3. IheartPheobe
    06-06-2009 10:09 PM - permalink
    The only thing I'm nervous about is that I might start not paying enough attention, because I assume he won't spook, and then he will =\ But let's cross our fingers! So, are you riding anytime soon?
  4. horseluver2435
    06-06-2009 10:05 PM - permalink
    That's great! Good luck to you, hope he stays so awesome!
  5. IheartPheobe
    06-06-2009 09:45 PM - permalink
    My instructor's been trying to start me on Gonzo for a while now, but he always throws me and he really scared me.. But I rode him today, and he was AMAZING!! Normally he'd spook and bolt but there was only one buck, while we were trotting, and one little takeoff becuz we were jumping and he gets nervous when he sees jumps, but he jumped it again 3 times! We cantered and rode no stirrups and he didn't spook at all =] <3 him!
  6. horseluver2435
    06-06-2009 09:40 PM - permalink
    Great! She and I went to our first show a while ago, and took home 4th and 7th in pleasure and 6th in equitation. =] She stills spooks and throws temper tantrums, but were working on it. How's your horse doing?
  7. IheartPheobe
    06-06-2009 09:35 PM - permalink
    None taken. How's Rainy?
  8. horseluver2435
    06-06-2009 09:07 PM - permalink
    Oh, yeah. I remember you, sort of. Not to be offense or anything, but it was a long time ago.
  9. IheartPheobe
    06-06-2009 04:42 PM - permalink
    me neither.. i'm minigirl72
  10. horseluver2435
    06-06-2009 03:46 PM - permalink
    Yes, or at least, I was. I don't really go on there anymore. What was your username?
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