The Horse Forum - CharliesMom's Album: Fist photos
Fist photos
I hadn't ridden in three weeks because of cold and really bad weather. I feel i look terrible, but Charlie is wonderful :D
Thats some kind of swagger right chya.
Fancy legs.
my line is terrible.
He looks like he is doing some fancy foot work but really, it was the mud.
He couldnt decide if he wanted to trot, or to canter, so he slowed down JUST enough.
That one was just fun.
I just liked the way he was positioned in this one.
Im not sure how this one ended up with only half of him but his back end looks awfully fancy.
I don't know how the light made my eyes look so fishlike. BUT he did a good canted. :D
He was thinking about food the entire time.
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