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  1. xLaurenOscarx
    08-30-2009 07:56 PM - permalink
    I Understand how 2 Wrk This now:) Quiet Proud Of Myself:)
  2. savvylover112
    08-14-2009 07:33 AM - permalink
    hey lauren are you able to go on horse chat yet??
  3. savvylover112
    08-13-2009 01:16 PM - permalink
    hey lauren just wondering because hardly anyone is replying to my thread because there is so many edit threads do you want a pic edited?? im just asking all the people in my contacts list on this lol??? wb
  4. savvylover112
    08-13-2009 12:20 PM - permalink
    thats your profile pic you need to set it as your avvie!!
  5. savvylover112
    08-12-2009 07:59 AM - permalink
    aw you wil get it eventually you like my pic??
  6. xLaurenOscarx
    08-12-2009 07:35 AM - permalink
    Not A Lot!
    Still Trying 2 Work This Out!
  7. savvylover112
    08-12-2009 06:12 AM - permalink
    hey lauren ne crc???

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