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  1. Rod
    10-10-2009 12:30 PM - permalink
    I took a bit & spur making workshop at the 1991? (maybe '90) Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering taught by Jerimiah Watt. This was when Jerimiah was running a custom shop before he developed JWP. During 1996-99 I worked full time as a gearmaker/silversmith. I quit when I got the chance to run a theraputic horse program at a residential treatment/detention facility for troubled youth. I did that until last year. I still make a few items, mostly for gifts and special occasions- I haven't actually sold anything for several years.
  2. shesinthebarn
    10-09-2009 12:31 PM - permalink
    Hey! I just saw in a post you left that you are a bit and spur maker! My husband is a silversmith and we have a business making buckles and engraved jewellery. He has done some bits and he made my best spurs. Where did you do your bit making course? I think it's interesting to meet other gearmakers! I'd LOVE to learn how to make mane hair mecate - dare to dream!
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