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  1. ClassicalRomantic
    10-19-2009 11:51 AM - permalink
    Well lucky you :) I'm glad they healed up but sucks you are dealing with it again! I'm glad Classy's is starting to clear up finally! we have had a but load of rain recently though :( she is doing good we were supposed to have our first show this past weekend but got rained out so i doubt we will be showing anymore being that i'm preggers!
  2. shesinthebarn
    10-17-2009 09:57 PM - permalink
    Hey! That colts scratches are healed, thank goodness! My new colt has horrible scratches, so I'm back treating it again. That sucks thay have not gone away for your mare! Have you tried tinactin? It works well. You can get it at any pharmacy. Also maybe ask your vet about fulvison or omeprazole. Both of those meds treat fungus (it is a fungus!) orally. They are such a bummer!!
    How is your girl doing otherwise?
  3. ClassicalRomantic
    10-13-2009 03:59 PM - permalink
    Hey checking on your colts scratches! can you believe I'm still dealing with this darn fungus almost 2 months later :( its very frustrating! it was not getting any better for awhile so then i switched up treatment and started using 3 different things so i'm not actually sure which one is doing the job or if all 3 are working LOL..I've been washing her legs with the Eqyss fungus shampoo then drying really well then spraying part bleach/water on the infected area then putting Eqyss fungus gel on. and it has helped more than anything and it's starting to really clear up! I haven't got to go out for 2 days due to bad weather so i'm sure when i go out tonight to see her it will probably not look quite as nice! but ugh this is the most PITA thing i have ever dealt with LOL
  4. ClassicalRomantic
    08-24-2009 08:23 AM - permalink
    Hey! thanks for asking! they are starting to get better! i think another week or two and is hould have them cleared up pretty good! all the swelling went down as well! This is one pain to deal with LOL i hope this wont be a reaccuring thing with her! she never had it in the 10 years i owned her :(
  5. shesinthebarn
    08-23-2009 03:02 PM - permalink
    Hey! How are those scratches doing? Thought of you today as I was treating a stbd colt for the same thing. They can be a bugger sometimes!
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