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        07-19-2013, 08:56 AM
    Originally Posted by pinkpony555    
    I just rescued Sadie-(mini) & took her to my BB where my 1/4 horse is. She has:a fractured leg that healed incorrectly. Every bone is sticking out--ribs-chest-legs-especially HIPS. Kept in a horse stall that she could not see out of.(If I can post a pic I will try.) I have a challenge on my hands. Owner was going to put her down- it's that bad. BUT, when I got her to my BB she can run in a funky way- she can roll. I need help to put on weight. She can now eat grass- had only bad hay & 1 scoop of average grain. I don't want to overload her on grass, would I do it at a little at a time??
    Sorry to hijack your thread with our side discussion, but this makes an important point...If you ask 150 people how to take care of your mini - or any animal, you will get 200 opinions. There is not just 1 right way to get her back to good health...what works great for one horse may fail miserably on another...of course, baseline care stays pretty consistent, but you have another horse and understand that. Best of luck!
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        07-19-2013, 01:53 PM
    Originally Posted by Endiku    
    ^ I'm really not sure why your vet was advocating both 24/7 grazing AND sweet feed. I think both are a very bad idea. Maybe a little supervised grazing on short grass, but never 24/7. I don't like the idea of so much repetition in one wormer either. Why not get a fecal done, figure out what kind of worms he had, give him one good dose and another 2 weeks later, then be done with it?

    Also PinkPony, just in case no one has told you yet, do NOT worm with Quest wormer.

    This is good, solid info. Most Vets do not know a whole lot about Minis.

        07-19-2013, 03:07 PM
    I agree with the above post. Grass on miniatures is not the most ideal, unless you have a healthy pony that is only needing maintenance weight. I don't think there is 1 right way of doing it, but I would put her on hay and grain and really limit grass to 1-2 hours a day. Grass is very rich, almost to rich for ponies especially one who is so malnourished.
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        07-19-2013, 05:16 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Think of giving grass to this mare as giving a lasagna dinner complete with buttery garlic bread, triple layer cheese, and some wine (errr....grape juice. Heh) to a child from Africa who has had maybe a bit of rice and if they're lucky, fish or a potato cake every day for many years. Lasagna dinners are great, almost everybody loves them, and those who grow up with them can usually eat it without any problem. Give it to that kid who has had almost no high calorie, high protein, high fat, high carb food before though, and you're asking for a VERY sick child. Especially because they'll think it takes like HEAVEN and will over eat without regards to what may happen later. And even if you introduce that lasagna slowly, over say, a period of years, there's a chance that child is lactose intolerant or may not handle the grease and butter well ever just because it isn't what his or her digestive system is used to having to break down.

    Minis are the same way. No, not ALL of them founder on grass. Some are lucky and their bodies can handle some grass (grass that is most likely not of super high nutritional value), but you must realize that those minis probably grew up being used to richer meals like that and their bodies are accustomed to it. Toss a mini who may have never had any grass in it's life in an all you can eat buffet though, and it will be a miracle if the mini doesn't suffer side effects. Even if those side effects aren't visible to human eye.
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