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miniature vs. pony

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    10-07-2010, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by NorthernMama    
Then I found this, which is more my understanding (other than the age statement at the end):

Many horse experts will tell you that any full grown equine that measures under 14.2 hands at the withers is classified as a pony. This isnít always the case, however. A pony is typically considered an equine under 58 inches tall when it reaches adult height, but a pony also has other distinctive characteristics other than just its small size. For example, most pony breeds have thick, broad bodies and thick necks. They also have legs that are proportionately shorter for their body than a horse exhibits. Some pony breeds also have broad heads, especially through the forehead, along with larger eyes. Some ponies also have large hooves for their size.
On the other hand, miniature horses are even smaller than most pony breeds. Most registries wonít allow membership to a mini thatís taller than 34 inches when full grown. There are miniature horses, however, as tall as 38 inches. A miniature horse is also built differently than a pony. Ideally, a mini is a scaled-down version of a horse, with a slimmer build than a pony, and longer legs for its size. The head is also in proportion to the body, as are the feet. Also, a miniature horse does not have the heavy bone often associated with pony breeds. In essence, a miniature horse is usually more refined than a typical pony. A mini is longer lived than most ponies, too. They have an average life span of 25-35 years.

Funny since minis ARE bred down's just a size thing...under 34" AMHA..34"-38" AMHR...over 38" Shetland registry...
I have a 35" shetland that is registered as AMHR...Their all the same breed, just sizes differentiate which registry their in.
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    10-17-2010, 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by pennyjog    
Now I think they are closing some of the hardshipping.
R has been closed for awhile (not sure how long). A is closing very soon, I want to say foals born this year are the last eligeable but it might be those born last year... (because the year they turn 3, the age they have to be to get hardshipped, will be the last year it's allowed). Anyhow, they have to be 34" and under, it's pricey and very difficult for some, like me, who live in a state with NO ONE that can do the measuring to get them hardshipped! (One of my stallions is currently only AMHR but is 34" so I will have him hardshipped... $1200 OUCH plus the hassle of either taking him to another state or praying one of the official measuring people come to our show in March (and that I can afford to do so at that time!)
    10-24-2010, 06:52 PM
I have been raising and registering minis for 15 yrs and have seen many good conformation and some not so good. They have their own special shows that include cart pulling and jumping. The owner runs along side of the mini with a lead rope to keep the rope from tangling on top of jump. Quite interesting. I myself have never shown just love the little fellows. They are very good pets especially for people who can't afford to feed a big one and they eat a lot less and need a lot less room.I myself am getting older and am afraid to ride anymore so I stick with my minis and let my husband ride the bigger ones.
    10-28-2010, 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by pennyjog    
sorry but miniature horses DO have heavy manes and thick tails...Most that are shown have had their manes pulled and undershaved...
Not all are hairy trotters...the photos below are of my 38 inch gelding, Woodwinds' Mingus, in his unclipped, natural coat (I do clip bridle path and clean up fetlocks and face). As a lover of long hair on all creatures (including my husband), I wish he had more mane and tail, but I'd probably lose that great, tight body coat.

Taking a break from the show to do what he REALLY loves...

He thinks he's a modern with this stretch...

My miniature warmblood...

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