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"War Horse", the movie--SOOO Disappointing. =(

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  • Was joey bad luck in warhorse?
  • Accuracy of war horse the movie

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    12-31-2011, 12:47 PM
Green Broke
I think your being a little closed minded about this movie. Its not that its a WWI or horse fantasy land its more for the impact that the horse made on peoples lives and the impossibly strong bond that certain individuals have with their horses. If you read the book it focuses on the different ways that joey is effected by people and vis versa.
The non horsey world is not interested in our day to day things we deal with, theyre never going to concentrate fully on the training, and everyday care of horses, theres only so much time for the movies plot and they can't waste it on training, ya joey and his and his bff sorted the pecking order out in like 2 min but they can't waste time showing horses strut around trying to choose the dominant one. Theres much more important scenes and situations to show.
Ther were some very realistic and accurate scenes too. Yes joey may have seen a tank before but he just lost his friend, been abandoned by the other horses and humans and had a giant metal monster come towards him, trapping him next to a fence. I think that's a VERY accurate depiction of how a horse would react.

As for the ending, theyre trying to capture the full audience, they wouldnt get as much reaction from a hobbling horse as from a horse that is overjoyed to finally reunite with his owner...i agree pretty dramatic but they want that happy ending.

The CO didnt ban him from buying him he said he couldnt GIVE joey to them. Its pretty accurate for the situation. They just finished a war, and the army, whether american or otherwise, is not just going to give a valuable asset away, they try to profit from what they have.

Theyre not trying to make everything into pupply love. There really ARE horses out there that would love, live and die for you. I HAVE had horses that risk their own life and limb for my or someone close to me with their horses. Ya it might not be an every horse thing but some people do have that bond.
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    01-12-2012, 12:03 AM
I saw the play and the move and the movie fallows the book the book is an anti-war piece they both to me were great yes I cried
    01-12-2012, 01:14 PM
RC, you're right--I haven't read the book. I guess it bothers me if this is an anti-war book bc war is necessary when you have imperialistic bully tyrants, like that guy ruling Iran right now. He would like nothing better than to eliminate all current citizens of Israel and replace them with transplanted Iranians. That's pretty funny when you consider that the country of Israel is pretty much the only section of the peninsula that Doesn't have oil.
On the other hand, WWI is an easy argument against war. I guess I'd rather see more stories like "Casablanca." THAT was not a chick-flick, but a movie about a jaded hero who rejoins the good fight. Thanks for your comments. I enjoy discussions like this. =D
    01-12-2012, 08:54 PM
I enjoyed the movie and I know it's war time, but everyone who tried to help Joey ended up getting killed, was Joey bad luck....
    01-12-2012, 09:11 PM
Green Broke
Oh my gosh, Corporal! I couldn't have written this review better myself. My husband and I went to see it on Sat., (had been waiting with anticipation since seeing the commercial back in Nov.), and armed with plenty of Kleenex, I too, was prepared for another awesome horse movie like "Secretariat"! Even though I was thankful to not have to view too much in the realm of "WWI Horse Injury," the barbed wire scene was very unrealistic. If you remember, that horse had been tangled all night like that, and discovered by both sides in the morning. There would have been injuries comparable to that of "The Horse Whisperer".... Once again, glad to not have to see such things, but too often the horse emerged out of numerous incidences without more than a scratch. I did love the character, "Emelie", and her loving grandfather - could have watched a whole hour of them, it was so lovely! :)
    01-12-2012, 09:16 PM
Green Broke
While it was not realistic - I really liked it.

My two horsie obsessive friends I went with and I - loved it. The only issue we really had was, while we thought the start was cute and it had a meaning at the end. We felt it went for a little too long and that part of the movie was dragged on, where it could have been shorter.

Overall - we loved the movie, it was very heart-warming.
    01-12-2012, 09:30 PM
Super Moderator
I was very disappointed. The way the horse was like some kind of dog and came running to put himself in the traces when his black buddy could not pull the artillery canon! The French girl was corny but the Grandfather was well acted. She gets on a horse, never having ridden before (or so it seems) and promises to go slow, then gallops off! And the Nazis don't shoot them when they complain or the old man threatens to kill them? Or bother the gorgeous girl? Hm m m m I know, it's Disneyesque.
I liked the cavalry scenes and the trenches scenes. Wonder how they got that horse to run through all that stuff without getting hurt (trickery of film, no doubt).

I like the way the German horse fellow tried to protect them as best he could and I loved the scene where the two enemies cut him out of the wire .

Overall, it was a great disappointment.
    01-12-2012, 09:35 PM
Green Broke
Imo the book wasnt anit-war or pro war... it was a horse book. About a horse... involved with people in the war.... but im definitely pro-war seeing as it is necessary... and its kinda my job... but I agree Tiny they humanized him in some of the scenes but again. They had to capture the audience...coulda been better but I liked it in a general sense.
    01-12-2012, 11:58 PM
Super Moderator
I know. It's Hollywood. It was just sillier than I expected, and I knew it would be silly.
    01-12-2012, 11:59 PM
Super Moderator
BTW the United STate supplied a very large number of horses to the European wars. They were like disposible diapers; use 'em and toss 'em.

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