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    04-26-2012, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by gypsygirl    
if you are a member of the NWC you don't really need to buy the dvds because he has so many videos for you to watch on there. You also get mailed journals that have some really usefull tips. I would join the NWC over buying to dvds new or on ebay.
The club membership has to be renewed every year where the DVDs are yours to keep and reuse (and lend out). If you find them reasonable enough, as I have, it is cheaper to buy than join.
I also DVR the RFD-TV shows of his and watch You Tube videos sometimes.
Basically, it is just a personal preference on which you would rather do I can see the value in joining, but for me it hasn't been necessary.
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    04-26-2012, 06:12 PM
I watch CA's shows on rfd-tv and on fsn every week. But I want the no worries journal just to have as a reference. When theres a topic that im going to find important...i just take notes on it. But its not the same thing for having the journal. I wish you could buy them at a tack store or tractor supply.
    04-26-2012, 06:17 PM
That would be awesome
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    04-27-2012, 07:53 PM
Originally Posted by DressageDreamer    
The club membership has to be renewed every year where the DVDs are yours to keep and reuse (and lend out). If you find them reasonable enough, as I have, it is cheaper to buy than join.
I also DVR the RFD-TV shows of his and watch You Tube videos sometimes.
Basically, it is just a personal preference on which you would rather do I can see the value in joining, but for me it hasn't been necessary.
the club also updates and shows new ideas, dvds can't do that =]
    04-27-2012, 08:15 PM
Are training DVD available from NetFlix?
    04-27-2012, 09:01 PM
Super Moderator
Originally Posted by Librahorsegal    
For you CA fans out you belong to his No Worries Club? Do you pay that price every month or year for joining? Do you guys buy his dvds?

I want to join his club and buy his dvds...but they cost so much money. I can't afford them.

So I look online for the dvds for a cheaper price.

I really like clinton. I saw him on tour in 2005. He signed a poster for me and had a pic taken with him. I was so nervous then. But it was a great tour to watch.

I wish he would come back to ny for a tour stop. That would be great!
After watching on RFDTV for a while and checking with other NWC members about what was available, I joined for a whole year at a discounted rate that comes to about $12 a month.
Because I live in PA and the Giddyupflix place is in CA, it seemed a better use of my money to be able to watch the video library through the NWC whenever I wanted instead of renting with the long mail times.

There are hundreds of dvd or episodes to choose from, other memeber videos, plus the monthly dvds you get in the mail.
I was lucky in that I had the discount code, an extra 15% off code and I waited until the stick went on sale with a free string promo.
I came out much cheaper that finding the same items in a generic form from a discounted website.
As a member, if I chose to actually buy videos I can get them for cheaper than many go for on ebay.
Having said all of that, CA is just one of many tools I use and I'm not a kool-aid drinker.
    04-27-2012, 09:12 PM
I really like CA. I've been using his groundwork methods from his book right now because his DVDs are way out of my budget. I've been getting really good results and my horse is becoming more respectful.

I can't really say anything about Parelli... I've never used his methods. But I did go to a Clinton Anderson clinic at a barn and there was a Friesian stallion that does tricks and taught PP methods. I was horrified when the horse pretty much mobbed the lady working with him for food. I also watched him getting fed and he was super pushy and I could tell the girl feeding him was a little intimidated.
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    04-28-2012, 12:35 PM
I LOVE CLINTON ANDERSON! And the Parelli's! I watch a lot of their vids on you tube. :)
    04-30-2012, 04:29 AM
I don't know a whole lot about Parelli, so I can't say much. But someone every close to me whom I trust A LOT used to be into CA and is no longer, and for a good reason. Something to the affect of him being caught whipping the crap out of a horse right before a clinic on trailer loading. The horse knew how to load, he just scared it so it would look to the audience like it didn't. Thus, when he got it in the trailer, it made him look awesome. Like I said, I trust the source so much that I refuse to watch any of his work. But I'm not saying some of it wouldn't work, and that everyone else should write him off also. I have recently started watching Chris Cox's videos and I have to say that I am very impressed. I have not found one thing that I personally do not agree with. I think he is pretty wise and very humble. He said in one video that he had changed a certain technique from the years before. Apparently ppl were questioning it and his horsemanship. He simply replied "I am always learning and trying to find the most effective techniques for horses. If I ever stop learning and trying to better myself, you should find someone else who will. My best teacher at this point is the horse." Awesome in my opinion!!
    04-30-2012, 06:09 AM
I'm VERY new to watching ALL of these NH, only in the past month or so did I realize we have RFD-TV(!), so I try to catch each of the various trainers whenever possible, just see what they/their methods are all about. You can never be too informed, even if it's bad information, it teaches you what not to do, if you disagree with what you are learning!

Regarding CA, overall I have leaned toward liking him more than not liking him. That said, it certainly gives me pause reading the story above (I think by Army Wife?) where she discussed her friend seeing him whip a horse to make it appear fearful, only so he could later "cure" it in front of an audience. I understand precisely why she believed this piece of info, in that oneknows when their source is a constant exaggerating "gossip" vs. someone who always speaks the truth w/o exaggerating.

Further, I tend to think it could be true because while watching his show, I have had this weird "sense" I suppose, that he gets really uptight, specifically when it appears the horse may not be "getting his message" quickly enough for the audience? He appears to get uptight to the point that at times when he is having the owner lunging the horse while he instructs the owner on what to do, it seems like he suddenly does a bunch of very loud, fast talking, shouting out quick commands, (thrown out much too fast for anyone new to the technique to follow), on purpose, in attempt to agitate the owner a bit, to possibly make them feel insecure...maybe in attempt to make the owner "look bad" compared to him, thus taking the focus off of the fact that the horse isn't responding either quickly enough, or exactly in the manner he said it would, or whatever.

Anyone else notice this? Get this "feeling" maybe? I ask because I could be way off, (as I tend to be watching these shows just as I am waking up for work). I'm a night shift nurse, so I wake up to start my "day" around 7pm, and at that time I might just still be half-asleep.
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